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Intel Core i7-2600 Mobo & Fan

I am getting a plain old Core i7-2600 (no k) Just because it is $30 cheaper on top of $15 off and I really don't care about overclocking.

I do however want a good motherboard. I was thinking the ASUS MAXIMUS IV EXTREME Just because I keep reading reviews about the other Asus boards having issues. Also it has a lot more ports. Anyone have suggests or comments on the motherboard front? Also I have read mixed things about waiting for the z86 boards to come out. Would it be worth waiting for that? I already have a couple of the parts coming and don't want to wait too long just because I want a pc and want to test everything out within the 30 day period. Not stuck on Asus or ordering from newegg, just seems like my best options from what I have read.

The second big thing I can't seem to find good info about is the CPU cooling. Since I am not overclocking I don't need anything fancy. Just want something relatively quiet, not freaking huge, and reliable. I have read a ton of people that can't use a ram slot because the heatsink and fan are so big. I was thinking about Thermalright Venomous X because it was recommended some place, but then read about it have broken bolts and other issues (that and it's big).
Since I am not overclocking and the sandy bridge chips are a lot cooler anyway what should I get? Do chips come with heatsinks like they use to and is will that work?

Oh and just in case you want to know some of the other stuff for the build, I plan on getting these items (some already coming):
EVGA 012-P3-1571-KR GeForce GTX 570 HD
CORSAIR Professional Series AX1200 1200W
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
240GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD when it comes out.
2 TB Segate 7200 HD
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  1. Simply use the stock cooler.
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    The Maximus MoBo is ideal if your using multiple GFX cards .... if I read the specs right, it does twin GFX at the full x16 and still provides another x8 for say a dedicated PhysX card.

    If not OC'ing the intel stock cooler is more than enough ... you can OC to 2.6 GHz with a 2600k on the stock cooler w/o a worry. If you justw anna have something for the sake of having it, consider this:\

    With all that GFX power on the MoBo, you might want to consider the factory OC'd 560 Ti's (900MHz) which perform just a frame or two behind the 570.

    I'd go with one of these on the RAM

    PSU is way way oversized. For twin 570's and serious overclocking, I'd use an 850 watter, 10.0 performance rated PSU as per These include, in order of price (since all are equally rated):

    $110 Antec CP-850*
    $130 XFX Black Edition 850
    $150 Corsair HX850
    $183 Corsair AX850 -
    $195 Seasonic X-850
    $250 Antec SG-850

    * requires compatible Antec case (DF-85, 1200, P193, p183)

    If ya sure will only use one card, then a 650 watter is fine (Corsair TX, Antec EA or TP is fine)
  3. I think you are a bit confused or inconsistent.

    What parts do you already have?

    The Asus maximus extreme is a great motherboard that is oriented to record seeking overclocking and triple sli.
    Without a "K" cpu, the oc part is useless, and with only one graphics card, the sli capability is useless.

    The Z68 chipset will allow both overclocking and use of the integrated sandy bridge graphics. Neither of which you plan to use.
    Don't bother waiting.

    I would suggest a basic P67 based motherboard.
    I am using the Asus P8P67-M Pro, a micro-ATX with good results.
    Any P67 motherboard should serve you well. Buy based on the features you need and the size you need. Look for usb3.0 and certainly 6gb sata for your SSD. Performance is determined by the cpu, not the motherboard.

    Even without a desire to OC, (and it is easy and supported,) I would go ahead and pay the extra $15 for the K version on speculation.
    In the future when you replace the cpu with the next best thing, it is the K versions that will command a premium on the used market.

    Since you will use a GTX570, I assume you are primarily interested in gaming. To that end, a 2500K which is $100 cheaper, will drive any game just as well. The extra multiplier is not worth the $100 price premium which could be better spent on a GTX580.
    OTOH, If $100 is not that important to you, then get the 2600K.

    The Corsair 1200w psu is complete overkill. A quality 650w psu will run a GTX580, and a 850w unit will run them in sli.
    Massive over wattage will force your psu to run well below it's maximum efficiency point.

    As to coolers, the stock cooler will do well. Without overclocking, no more is needed. Yes, under heavy load, the fan will spin up and be noisy. That said, I suggest getting an aftermarket cooler with a large slow turning fan. Your cpu will run cooler, and quieter.
    If you OC, you can go higher and easier. A good value cooler is the CM hyper 212 @ $30 or so. The best would be the noctua NH D14, or the prolimatech megahalems.

    I don't think either will have a issue with the ram you picked. The heat spreaders make the ram only 40mm tall.

    You will love the SSD.
  4. Thanks for all the help.

    One big reason I need a 2600 is you won't see the performance increase with a vertex 3 unless you go sandybridge. Also the chip I am getting is 299.99 - 15.00 = 289.99 the k is 328.99 making it a $39 savings. The 2500k is 224.99 or $65 cheaper not really 100 cheaper, unless I suppose there is a sale. Either way I need 2600 to see the vertex 3 speeds. The aftermarket price is the one thing I didn't think of, K would go for a lot more for sure.

    You are correct in assuming it will be a gaming rig. That is the primary use, after that just media conversion and when I work from home.

    Main reason I went with the 570 over the 580 is there was only a couple frame difference and a $100 price difference.

    Glad to hear I can stick with the heasink & fan that comes with the cpu.

    My main reason for going with the higher end board was for the extra ports and the ability to go SLI in the future when my machine starts seeing age. I need an extra lan port for work and it there are extra eSata, sata, and usb ports. Which is also why I went with a bigger power supply and I heard that with a good power supply it will rev down for less power and not be that much more inefficient. Not to mention I may through in some more hard drives (3 more) and do raid, which is also where I would need some extra power. As for the motherboard though since you said you haven't seen any issues with the pro and there is a $200 price difference I will probably just go with that and a usb Lan adapter. With that much of a price difference I can buy a new board that is better in a year for probably $200.

    The CPU, case, Graphics card and power supply are already on the way; so there is not turning back on the card, cpu or power supply. I would be interested to see the power usage inefficiency between the 1200W and 850W. I know it would have saved me money.

    Oh one last quick question how much of a difference does adding a physx card make (someone mentioned it)? I thought most nvidia GPU's had it built in so you won't really see a difference. That and I can't even seem to find one on newegg.

    Anyway thanks again for the help! It has been 5 years since I built a machine, so I am a bit rusty :)
  5. PS: Oh and sorry for posting in the domain I am in Seattle, WA USA. Did a google search for cooling and couldn't find any non oc answers so I posted and I guess the google search sent me to Oh well same parts, same great advice!
  6. JackNaylorPE said:

    Any reason you would go with those over the G.SKILL Ripjaws?

    I love both those brands and in the past (5 years ago) used them exclusively, but there are a lot more reviewers and purchasers of the G.SKILL.

    Looks like the Voltages is a bit higher on the two you suggested:|20-231-314^20-231-314-TS%2C20-145-324^20-145-324-TS%2C20-104-239^20-104-239-TS
  7. The performance increase of the vertex 3 ssd comes from the 6gb sata ports, of which every sandy bridge motherboard has at least two.

    If you need added lan ports, you can get an add in card for $10 or $20. That will expand your options for a more modestly priced motherboard.
    Extra sata or esata ports are available via add in cards if you later should need them.

    The value of physix seems iffy. Perhaps if you have a specific application.

    A psu will use only the wattage it needs. The lowered inefficiency at 20% load is really not that big of a deal. You are good there.

    -----good luck----
  8. Yeah that is what I thought with a good power supply. Definitely going to save $200 and get the Asus P8P67-M Pro. Now to just wait until more come in and make sure to buy it within a couple hours of it coming in. Those things sure are selling out quick.
  9. MusicMonkey5555 said:
    Yeah that is what I thought with a good power supply. Definitely going to save $200 and get the Asus P8P67-M Pro. Now to just wait until more come in and make sure to buy it within a couple hours of it coming in. Those things sure are selling out quick.

    The Asus P8P67-M pro is a micro-ATX motherboard with only 4 expansion slots.

    With your case, and the possible need for added cards, you will be better off with the full sized version.

    Gigabyte is also good, so check them out also.
  10. I will take a look at the Gigabyte boards.

    Yeah after doing a compare, it would probably be best to go with

    Looks like it has a bit more expansions slots/ports. Nice middle of the road between the pro and the Deluxe.
  11. Either that one or

    which is actually in stock not sure if that is a good or bad thing :) anyone have an opinion over the two?
  12. wow some of the review comments on the sabertooth are pretty horrid. is quite a bit cheaper and has a ton of ports.

    Now I am really not sure what to get.
  13. Just to let anyone know. I ended up getting the deluxe:

    it came back in stock, has pretty good reviews and looks like what I want so just got it before it sold out again.

    Last part to get is the ram:|20-231-314^20-231-314-TS%2C20-145-324^20-145-324-TS%2C20-104-239^20-104-239-TS%2C20-145-345^20-145-345-Z01

    and from what one person posted they recommend the 1st and 3rd from the right. Only difference seems to bee the voltage which is 1.65 over 1.5. Would love to hear more peoples opinions on why one over the other. From what I read some motherboards can be picky about that. Also read that this board has pretty good voltage regulation so hopefully that wouldn't be an issue. The only other thing is it seems the 1.65 is better for OC maybe? not sure though. Would love input on it. Seems there are more sales on the 1.5 though. That is the only reason the far right one is in there.
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