Best 3d grafic card for 3d plasma

Hi i`m looking for a graficcard with which i can stream fullsbs 3d movies on my 3D flatscreen tv.
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  1. Hello,

    What is your budget exactly ?

    First you'll need a 3D compatible graphics card. In the high end, you can go with the GTX 580 or 570. If you want the older generation, the 480, 470 or 460 should suffice for one TV at a resolution of 1080p. Then, you'll need Nvidia 3D Vision Kit.

    If you want to do some heavy 3D gaming, then I'd suggest getting two 500 serie cards in SLI, the scaling is almost 100%.

    That's pretty much it, good luck !
  2. Nvidia 3D Vision Kit. gives only half sbs i heard.
    And i want to use the glasses that come with the tv.
    I asked around in the city and everyone thinks that its not possible at the moment.
  3. Nvidia 3D Vision (the software) will work with the 3D TVs on the compatibility list.

    I use the 3D on my desktop, and during setup it has an option for 3D TV displays, so I'm pretty sure it's supported.
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