Help building 1000 budget workstation

Thanks to you all for reading this. I have some basic computer knowledge but haven't kept up with many of the new trends so I am here to ask for advice. I was originally going to go with an upgraded version of this VM Vector but figured I could save money building myself.

I plan to purchase the parts in the next few weeks

I'd like to stay under 1,000 but could possibly be enticed up to 1,200

This system will primarily be used to run photoshop CS5, and I'd like it to run well. I may also play games on it but those are a secondary concern. A future concern may be video editing, but I'm not going to base my build on that now.

I don't need speakers or monitor

I like newegg and amazon, but will go to to any reputable site that has a better price.

In the USA

Parts Preferences: I'm leaning towards an AMD build with the sixcore, maybe 1090t, because it seems a bit cheaper. I also feel sixcores will be more useful in photo apps in the future when the apps take advantage of all the cores, although I could be completely wrong, I'm willing to go with intel if it's a better buy.

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Single GPU atm, although I would consider adding another later

Monitor Resolution: not sure

Probably want lots of ram, and 2x1tb HD's to back up photos. Should I go raid? I feel like with what I'm asking even 1200 might be too low

I'd like the system to last me through CS6 & 7, even if only running at mediocre/subpar performance :) . I suppose something with "upgrade potential" would be good?

Also a case with USB3 connector on front would be helpful, when I connect my external HD's (Seagate goflex) for extra backup/moving files, although not essential if it adds too much to the price tag.

Thanks :)
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    All under 1k, minus the OS if you need it.
    Yea, the case is a bit flashy for your purposes, but it's part of the combo saving you over 50 dollars. Keep in mind, the shell shocker deals change every day, and you may find something one day saving you even more.
  2. Sorry, I was in a rush before. I don't know of any boards/cases compatible with USB 3.0 in the front of the case, though it shouldn't be such a problem to connect your external to the back of the computer. Also, there is only a single 1tb hard drive in the build. I would certainly suggest a RAID setup for anything 1TB and above. If you buy a
    you'll shave of 80 bucks. That card in the link has the best reviews overall. The other one I saw had heat/heatsink problems, but this one is a bit ugly. >.>
  3. Thanks for the response sting, I'm definitely going to keep an eye on those newegg deals.

    I am interested in the front USB 3.0, just because I know I'll frequently be plugging in external HD's to transfer files back and forth to different computers. It wouldn't be a huge deal to leave a cord plugged in the back, but the front USB 3.0 just intrigues me. Anyways here's the system I've been building, let me know what you think.

    Case: Thermaltake V9 BlacX w/ front USB3.0 port 80$ after rebate

    PSU: Thermaltake Black Wido 850W 90$ after rebate

    MB: ASRock 890fx Deluxe4 with front USB3.0 $160

    CPU: AMD 1090T $230

    Ram: Ripjaw 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3 1333 $90

    Graphics: Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 1gb $170 after rebate

    Hard Drives: Currently looking at two of these WD 2tb Green drives at 80$ a piece:

    Should I care at all about 6gb Sata? I'd basically be paying the same price but for 1TB drives instead of 2TB.

    Anyways the grand total there is 980$ Seems to me a pretty good rig, though of course any comments and suggestions are appreciated :)
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