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Quick Question: Need help deciding ANOTHER GTX470 (SLi) or +6GB RAM???

I Wasns't sure what section to post this in but this seemned the most appropriate... anyway, currently I got an i7 950 oc'd to 4.2Ghz @ 1.33v, 6GB DDR3 3-channel RAM (1600Mhz), GTX 470, and Rampage II Extreme mobo...

anyway, the question is, i got a few bucks laying around an was wondering was it smarter to purchase another 6 GB of RAM, thus increasing my gross to 12GB, or would it be better to purchase another GTX470 and have an SLI setup??? I use comp mainly for benchmarking, gaming, browsing, and computer design..

Im sort of thinking that incrased RAM may help "overall" performance, whereas the additional gfx card may greatly increase 3-d programs and games... But then again thats just an assumption..

Any ideas? thanks alot.
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  1. If you're not doing alot of video editing or 3d design i doubt the extra 6gb would make any difference in multitasking or overall penformance, heck i have only 4gb and it rarely reach 3gb usage when i'm gaming and lots of programs on the background.

    As you use your PC mostly for gaming another 470 would be a smarter choice.
  2. yeah I somewhat figured that... So, if I did install another 6 GB RAM into the comp, I wouldn't really notice much difference is what you're sayin, because most apps and programs (& games) dont even take full utiliziation of the existing 6 GB of RAM i have, correct?
  3. Definitely another 470, unless you're thinking of building a new system in the future. If so, I would suggest that you save up and wait...
  4. you are not going to see anything from adding more ram but adding another GTX 470 is a totally different story.
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    For gaming you will most likely see a performance decrease by adding more ram. Because you have to populate all slots you will put the memory controller under more strain and have to slow up timing or speed. And since you won't use more that around 3gb of ram anyways the extra 6gb will be a complete waste. The extra 470 though will add quite a bit of 3d performance.
  6. What resolution do you play at? The SLI GTX 470 setup would be a monster performance wise. Might not even need the performance depending on resolution. Though you could play Metro 2033 with DX11 on and see some sweet performance with the SLI setup.

    The extra 6GB of RAM would likely be a complete waste of funds. As has already been stated, 4GB of RAM is plenty for gaming and benchmarking. So your 6GB is more than plenty. 12GB would be a waste at this point.

    You'll also want to make sure your PSU can handle 2 x GTX 470's before you go that route.
  7. ahh brillant replies.. will check into that. Got a corsair HX850 PSU... will check to see if that'll be enuff...
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