GTX 460 vs GTX 460 SLI PSU

Hello Community,

I was going with a pre-built but picking out the parts for it first, I just wanted to get an OK from the community before proceeding.

My GPU of choice was the NVIDIA GTX 460, that being said I wanted to get a big enough PSU incase down the road I wanted to SLI two of 'em.

Only a 750w PSU is needed for the SLI and I wanted to make sure if I went with a Corsair CMPSU-750TX , 750w PSU would support my whole rig with no problem. I've heard good things about the PSU I just didn't know how it would handle meeting the minimal need of the two graphics cards.

Thanks, that is all :D
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  1. A Corsair 650w would run 2 460's just fine. The 750W would give you extra breathing room.
  2. Agreed.
  3. Now if I got into overclocking would a 650w still not be a problem? I don't want to be limited, 750 is as high as I'm going, however its still not a problem
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