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Good morning and happy new year from Greece,

In anticipation of sandy bridge release at the 9th of January, i started thinking about the components i needed,and all of a sudden i discovered that i have no clue about the case and the memory i need.

I plan on buying a sandy bridge quad core CPU(which one depends on the benchmarks that will be released),a mobo with SATA3/USB 3, along with a gtx 570. I already have everything else(700W thermaltake toughpower PSU, 50gb Caviar black,,1.5 TB caviar green HDD, mouse,keyboard,speakers, 24' 1920x1200 PVA panel-HP LP2465-)


My current case is a cheap mid ATX. My (college) room isnt very spacy,so if i plan to buy a full ATX i gotta re-arrange some stuff (and of course,i dont want to do that unless i absolutely have to). First of all,do i need a full ATX tower? If yes, which one would you suggest? Im thinking about buying the HAF 932 or thermaltake's newer model HAF X(but the cost 160 and 180 euros respectively so i hesitate spending so much money into something that potentially could be trivial). Also the HAF X markets itself as having 2 USB 3.0 in the front panel. I though usb 2 and usb 3 were -mechanically- equal(i.e usb 3 fits in usb 2,but it just wont work). If that's true USB2 openings in the front panel could be used for usb 3, am i right?


Here,im a little confused. I can find 8gb DDR3 1600Mhz CL8 from corsair pretty cheap(180 euros): Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3-1600 Kit (2x4GB, PC3-12800, 8-8-8-24, CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8)

But on the same e-store other 1600 Mhz,CL9 memory is more expensive. Am i supposed to look for something else rather than the Hz,latency and warranty on the memory?I though all good-brand memories(like corsair,ocz etc) pretty much overclock well enough.

Any answers would be apreciated.
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  1. The reason to buy the HAF 932 or X is if you are planning some serious overclocking and want good airflow and space, both are great cases.
    The corsair memory you selected is simply a good deal. You might want to look into G.Skill ram as well they have been doing well.
  2. So,do you think a Full ATX is an overkill for my planned system?

    If yes,care to reccomend me a good case or should i stick with my old and cheap case?
  3. When I buy a new case or PSU I always follow the same guideline: Whatever you buy plan and make sure it's something you can use for 2-3 more builds.

    If you're getting a GTX 570 and intend on getting a Sandy Bridge quad I would atleast entertain the idea of the full size case. I am a bit bias in that I prefer them in nearly all cases if you have the space. You didn't state which GPU you currently use, but if I were you I would plan on there being a tad more ambient heat inside the tower after the upgrade. Your choice of after market cooling for your new quad core will also help in the deciding factor. This is also without mentioning the size of the mobo you want, and if you would SLI the GTX 570 in the future.
  4. ^ +1

    I also like to keep cases for a few builds and love the room and airflow of full tower cases.
    Check out the Antec DF-85 and the Coolermaster Haf-X. Both are cutting edge designs with futureproof features and great cooling. I like the Antec DF line myself just because they include fan filters. I know you can't buy from here but the video is worth watching.


  5. Thank you all for your answers. Doing a quick search about prices at greek shops,i found the following

    HAF 932- 133 euros
    HAF X- 185 euros
    Antec DF-85 - 166 euros
    Thermaltake speedo - 180 euros
    Antec 1200- 190 euros

    I think the HAF 932 for 133 euros is a great deal. Is there any other full tower at that price range(100-180 $) that i should consider before buying the 932?
  6. With those options I would go with the HAF932.
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