Hot core i7 920 after 9gb ram install

Hi all,

I recently installed another 6gb of ram into my i7 920 based config. Since the install my idle temps has risen quite a bit; from ~40 degrees to now closer to 60. Gaming yesterday is rose to 90 on the cores. I already have 3gb installed, so my thoughts are that the extra stress memory controller due to mismatched capacities is causing the high temps - does this have any logic?

To clarify:

Before: 3 x 1gb corsair 1333mhz ddr3
After: 3 x 1gb corsair 1333mhz ddr3 + 3 x 2gb corsair 1600mhz ddr3.

Although the ram speeds are different, the timings are identical. My CPU is overclocked to 3.6Ghz, with the memory running at 1444mhz with 1.65v. My vcore hasn't changed. My 3 x 1 gb 1333mhz ram is fine running at speeds upto 1600mhz.

Any help much appreciated.
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  1. thats odd i have the same CPU and i have overclocked it to 3.5 as well do u have an aftermarket cooler? maybe try taking 3 gigs out and then see ?
  2. Should have added - I have a scythe mugen 2. I suppose the best idea would be to do as you said, but it'd mean removing the cooler..... Perhaps the cooler has somehow managed to offset itself or something?
  3. ya make sure your cooler is making proper contact with your cpu , otherwise like i said try removing the 3 gigs of ram and see if the 6 change anything
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