Which graphic card is suitable for my pc?

Hello,everyone, i am running a pc with asus motherboard m3n78-cm, amd cpu athlon 64 II 5000+, KINGSTON DDR2 2GB RAM, 350W psu. i have no knowledge about graphic card so would u guys please suggest me a graphic card. by the way some o shopkeepers suggest me nvidia 9800gt. but may be i upgrade my power or cpu..actually i am confused .i want to play nfs
series, crysis, far cry ,medal of honour..please reply
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  1. i run a 5670, and have very similiar specs. should fit in your system just right.
  2. What is your budget.? Which card (if any) are you running currently.? If you need satisfactory performance in games like Crysis then any card just wont cut it.. You should be looking at the GTX 460 1GB or HD 6850 as your minimum requirement.. Again, your 2GB RAM will hamper your game smoothness (4GB recommended even if you've a 32 bit OS) and your PSU will hamper with the video card options available for you to choose from..
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