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So I´m writing this question on a 3 year old Fujitsu computer which I´ve been meaning to replace in a near future before I throw it out of the window and mum and dad gets pissed of at me. My budget is between 1000-1200€ and I´ve found two comps and don´t know which one to settle for. Please help me deciding which one of these http://multitronic.fi/package_configurator.php?id=10 , http://www.jimmspc-store.fi/tuote/JIMM-PG-6850?t=false is more priceworthy? The computer is mostly going to be used for playing games like Bad Company 2 and Starcraft 2. I´m also interested in which one would be the most future proof investment.

Thx for taking your time to read this :)
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  1. It's a tough choice really, but this build is definetely more powerful:

    However, your much better off building a computer yourself if that is your budget. You can get A LOT more performance.

    Are you open for building a machine for yourself?
  2. Hmm... I could definiately consider building my own computer, but could you maybe give an example of a build for around 1000-1200€. And also I´m planning on keeping this comp for quite a while, which means I might go for SLI/Crossfire later on when my graphics wont keep up with the games. Also I had a hard time to decide between a I5 quad core and a AMD hexa core, but decided to go for a hexa core since it seems to be the most future proof alternative. Do you agree with me about the processors?
  3. Yes, I do agree with you on the processors!

    Anyways I figured that you live in europe somewhere, can you link me to a store that has reasonable prices from which you are willing to buy your components? then I can configure something there.

    Cheerz :sol:
  4. Yeah you figured right! I live in Finland and here´s a link to the store I planned on buying from http://www.jimmspc-store.fi/listaa/26/402 . I´m afraid the site is only in finnish so maybe i should explain something to make it a bit easier for you :)
    Levykeasemat=CD/DVD drives
    Prosessorit= Yeah you´ve guessed it, Processors

    Thx alot for all the help! :D
  5. Ostoskorisi
    Tuotekoodi Valmistaja Hinta Kpl Yhteensä
    Avaa tuotteen kuvauksen uuteen ikkunaan GH22NS30RBBB LG 19.90€ 19.90€ X

    DVD+/-RW DL 22x, SATA, Musta Bulk
    Avaa tuotteen kuvauksen uuteen ikkunaan M4A79XTD-EVO Asus 105.00€ 105.00€ X

    M4A79XTD Evo, AM3, 790X, DDR3, Crossfire X, ATX
    Avaa tuotteen kuvauksen uuteen ikkunaan 0761345-08009-5 Antec 134.00€ 134.00€ X

    Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer ATX-Kotelo
    Avaa tuotteen kuvauksen uuteen ikkunaan WD20EARS Western Digital 95.00€ 95.00€ X

    2 TB Caviar Green, 3.5", SATA II, 64 MB, IntelliPower
    Avaa tuotteen kuvauksen uuteen ikkunaan 996805 Mushkin 129.00€ 129.00€ X

    4GB (2x2GB) Dual Channel kit, DDR3 1600MHz (PC3-12800), Redline Frostbyte
    Avaa tuotteen kuvauksen uuteen ikkunaan HDT90ZFBGRBOX AMD 225.00€ 225.00€ X

    Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition, AM3, 3.2GHz
    Avaa tuotteen kuvauksen uuteen ikkunaan RS-700-AMBAD3-EU CoolerMaster 114.00€ 114.00€ X

    700W Silent Pro M700 ATX-virtalähde
    Avaa tuotteen kuvauksen uuteen ikkunaan 21187-00-40R Sapphire 369.00€ 369.00€ X

    AMD Radeon HD 6970, 2 GB GDDR5, 2xDVI/HDMI/2xminiDisplayPort PCI-E
    Yhteensä: 1190.90€

    So, Here you have a copy-paste of the shopping cart that I made for you!

    TOTAL: 1190.90€

    And this machine is sporting AMD's 1090, 4GB of RAM and the NEW 6970!!!!

    Can't really be much more future proof.

    In order to achieve this, I have had to cut down on the SSD unfortunately.

    Now I can be more conservative by getting a cheaper case, but I wonder why would you? ANTEC cases are very nice! Got one myself, love it. Worth the little extra cash!
    Up to you though you can change it if you want.

    Im assuming your not going to do any overclocking, so I've left the machine with the stock CPU cooler, otherwise you might want to put a nice cooler on it.

    Let me know what you think! :)

    Cheerz :sol:
  6. Looks really nice :) I´ll definiately have to take your build in consideration. Just a couple of questions. You think the cooling is good enough? And also if I wanna try overclocking the CPU sometimes later, could I just buy a CPU cooler and problem solved? And my last question, I´ve understood that a monster card like Radeon 6970 is pretty big, so are you sure it will fit well in that case? :) Otherwise the build looks amazing! :D
  7. All your questions the answer is yes!

    It will cool enough, yes its just buying a cooler when you do want to overclock (or find that the stock cooler is not enough), and yes the 6970 fits. Half the reason I chose this case. (also chose that case for the looks, and the window!1 :D )

    Hey let me know what you do!

    Cheerz, and good luck! :sol:

    PS. Happy new year!! :)
  8. Sounds great! :D I think I´ll go for your build, just got to wait for the next payroll! :)

    Thx alot for all the help! :)

    Happy New Year to You too! :D
  9. Hey no problem mate, it's what we are here for.

    Cheerz and good luck! :sol:
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