Which graphic card is suitable for my pc?

hi,everyone,i am using a pc with following configuration.
motherboard-asus m3n78-cm
memeory ram-2gb ddr2 kingston
cpu-amd athlon 64 II 5000
sony dvd writer
please help me to select a graphic card. some shopkeepers suggest me to buy 9800gt. but i am not sure it will work with pc . i dont know which one is good. i want to play nfs series,medal of honour,crysis 1 & 2,grid,fry cry...
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  1. For Crysis I would recommend the 9800GT as the bare MINIMUM. But that all depends on your budget. if you have a motherboard with a PCI-e x16 slot and indows 7, then go for a DirectX 11 card. For a budget gamer I would recommend the nVidia GTS 450, and if you're not really on a budget get the AMD 5870, or the 6870 depending on whether you want more raw power (5870) or more features (6870)
  2. You should probably upgrade your CPU to a Phenom IIx3 as well.
  3. what do you have on it now? we are talking about serious low balling with that power supply, it wont run a 9800gt...maybe get something like this:

  4. Hey,

    To be fully honest with you. Your computer is a write off. Not to be rude or discouraging in any way. You are not going to be playing Crysis with your rig.
  5. ^I agree. Your power supply is the limiting factor here. If you really want to play crysis at decent settings, you'll want to upgrade to a 500W power supply and a more powerful graphhics card.
    But the GT 430 suggested should work for your surrent setup.
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