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Hd6870 gpu load and memory clock problems

ive been playing lots of the bench mark games with no problems. until i came across medal of honor.. this game doesnt run at all. im talking 10 to 15 fps... so i looked into things and noticed when i run my gpuz and medal of honor.. my gpu load hovers around 50% load..... my core clock is maxed out at 950mhz... 50mhz oc... and my memory clock never goes over 297.8mhz... even though i have it set for 1100mhz... whats up with that.. even with furmark. my gpu is at like 60%.... and it stays at 60fps...

what would cause this.. or is this normal..
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  1. ookk.. well i already solved it.. i restarted my comp and i went from 10 to 15 fps.. to 65 fps solid... so i figured out that with the hd6870 on stock clock speeds its runs great.. as soon as i use the ati overdrive and bump it up to 950 core and 1100 memory core.. it drops bad.. what would be the reason for this?
  2. It's possible that when you overclock it, you screw up the PowerPlay system on the card where it stays at idle clocks when you go into 3D mode. I have read some places of that being a problem with the new cards.
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    I've also heard that if you overclock the memory on the video card and it detects errors that it will automatically try to "fix itself" which means throttling down performance to prevent a crash- something to do with error detection or correction. I'm not sure if it would lower performance that much but something to think about. I would say try running benchmarking with 3dmark06 or vantage. See if there is an actual improvement with the stock clocks and your overclock settings. If there is no improvement then it may be the memory errors.
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