Which motherboard would you choose given the specs below?

Having researched for a while in several forums and discussion groups and taking into account many suggested considerations I am interested in finding out if there is any one motherboard that fills fhe following list of requirements:
1. Intel Ivy ready
2. With integrated video and audio
3. Socket LGA to support Sandy Bridge both i5 and i7 processors
4. able to handle Sata III components
5. with USB 3.0 ports with at least one in the front panel.
6. PCI Express slot for dual TV tuner card
7. 2 e-sata ports (at least 1 in front panel)
8. with at least one extra available PCI Expressx16 2.x slot
9. at least one 1000BaseT Ethernet port
10. Able to support 32 GB of memory. How many memory slots/banks do I need?
I do have Windows 7 Home 64-bit. I understand it may support 32 GB of memory if the motherboard does.

I have a budget but at this time i rather not limit the possible choices
Should there be no such a Mobo, which is/are the one/s that get as close as possible to fulfill the list?

Would appreciate knowledgeable contributions.

Thank you
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