My computer destroys my monitors?

two years ago I bought a new gamer pc. AMD Phenom quad core with ati radeon hd 4850 graphics card with 512 MB ram, the computer has 4 GB ram and OS is vista 64 bit.
After half a year my samsung syncmaster one day broke down. It faded and went very dim. You could still see a change in the display when you pressed the windows butten for instance. I sent it to samsung and got a new monitor. During the next year the new monitor did the same thing twice, but after turning the computer off and on again it went away. Until 2 months ago. Then the faded screen stayed. It doesnt help to change the screen to a different computer.
Thinking it was the specific model of the samsung syncmaster that had this problem I bought a new led screen for the computer. It looks really great but after only one day the new screen did the same thing. Fading and only dim changes when something happens on the screen (opening a new window, pressing the windowskep etc.). If I connect the new monitor to my laptop there is no problems with it. And when I change it back to my desktop computer it works fine for a while but then the problem happens again. Now I am afraid to use it with my desktop computer at all, affraid that it will destroy this new monitor as well.

What do I do. Is it really possible that my computer destroys my monitors? I think that I should mention that I changed my graphics card a couple of months before the second samsung monitor broke down. But I replaced it with a new ati hd 4850 card (The same as before,).

If you think it is the computer destroying my monitors which part of the computer should i suspect first. I am keen to blame the graphics card, but the fact that I changed that in the process blurs that theory a little bit.

Please help me people. What to do?
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  1. If you have indeed changed the graphic card and end up with same result, the only thing left is the motherboard or PSU that could be resulting in bad images on the monitor. And yes, you can easily and quickly destroy one of the older screen type monitors by running a refresh rate higher than the monitor is rated for. The new LCD screens should not be affected by this though.
  2. It sounds like a mere coincidence in your part OP. Something might simply be wrong with your computer rather than it damaging your monitors. Might be faulty drivers, high OC, or a weak PSU.
  3. It is not driver related etc. The screen that broke down definetely two times, didnt work on my laptop either.

    Can you confirm that the refreshrate thing only affect old monitors and that the lcd screen that broke down and now my ned led screen cannot be affected by the high refreshrate thingy?
  4. Refresh rates shouldn't affect LCD monitors. If it's too high, an LCD monitor will simply reject sending a signal. It won't be damaged at all. You can check in your resolution/display properties to see what your refresh rate is set at. LCD standard is 60Hz so make sure it's nothing over than that.
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