Coolermaster GX 650w PSU issue

Ok im new here and been told this is best place to come for help.

I recently purchased the above PSU due to my old psu fan failing and causing my pc to overheat

i installed the the new psu only to realise the 24pin ATX connector is missing pin 20 and when i plugged all the required

cables in the psu click on everything powers up for a second then it shuts down again.

I read somewhere that pin 20 is obsolete but i was wondering if its needed for my motherboard.

Im running:

Gigabyte X48 - DS4 mobo
Nvidia GTX 260
4gb corsaire ram
Intel Q9550 quad core CPU

is pin 20 needed or is it a faulty psu?

Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated
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  1. The missing pin used to provide -5V, nothing has needed -5V in a long long time, and looking at your board there is zero chance that it might need -5V, im betting on a faulty PSU, the GX series isnt good and actually has bad ripple issues above a moderate load so dont plan on SLIing or you will push it too hard.
  2. The pinout is fine, test the PSU

    Plug the PSU to the wall only after you finished the setup.
  3. thanks for the reply iv fixed my issue now and i wont be sliing this is an old pc now and im looking to build another the issue was ther was a cover on my psu 8 pin connector showing only 4 and like a douche i missed the cover plugged it in fully and works fine now cheers for help guys
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