Crossfire hd 5670 with hd 4200???

can i crossfire my hd 5670 with built in hd 4200 of my MSI 785gm-e51 motherboard ?

would this gives me extra performance ? like i'm close to 4770 or what ?

i already have Mazoori 550w psu 36amp on single 12v rail , so di i need to get 750 w psu ?

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  1. Hybrid Crossfire is old and certainly wont work with HD5xxx series of motherboards. Plus even if you could you wont notice any difference.
  2. thank you for your reply
  3. Does anyone know if the 4200 will at least run at the same time with an HD5XXX card? Right now my built in 4200 won't even turn on with a geforce in the PCIe slot.
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