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I am currently trying to build a new system and have been searching for a few days on which parts would be best for the build. The computer I currently use has a graphics card that is on it's way out but its such an old machine that upgrading is a bit futile for the amount of money involved.

I am working on quite a small budget of roughly 300 Pounds. Going over is not a huge problem as long as its not too much, but I have made that my range so going over by a ridiculous amount is not possible.

This is the setup I am looking at :-
Motherboard :- MSI 870-C45 AMD 770 (Socket AM3)
Ram :- Kingston HyperX 2GB (2x1GB) 1600MHz
CPU :- AMD CPU Athlon II 250 Dual Core Processor
GPU :- XFX HD Radeon 5750
PSU :- ??

I would like some advice on the current setup I am deciding on getting. It all appears to be compatible and decent for the budget given but the current PSU I have is old and only a 450Watt supply (all be it an OCZ supply) so a new one is most likely needed, but I have no idea on what one to get for this new system.

Any information you can provide on Positives and negatives would be most welcome. I am toying with the idea of ordering the parts in the next couple weeks.
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  1. As a little added information, I will be using my current computer case to save on some money until I decide a new case is necessary
  2. look ok. I'd see if you can save a bit and get DDR3-1333. Also its only a little bit more nowadays to get 4 GB instead of 2 GB, so I'd recommend that.

    for the system, you need really only about a 380-450W PSU. The Antec Earthwatts 380D is a great, relatively inexpensive choice that will handle that GPU (really anything up to a single 460 is good with it)
  3. Thank you for the quick reply, I was looking on the forum here and saw a thread saying that 1600MHz ram isnt worthi t and to just get 1333Mhz, so deciding to take the site and your advice into action

    As for the PSU information, I am too looking that up on a great forum link, whilst using your feedback to aid my thinking. thank you very much
  4. One note I will add, I know my PSU is a few years old. but is a 450Watt OCZ, so respectable. Would it be worth keeping my current PSU or would you recommend to throw it by now? its roughly 3-4years old now.
  5. Post the exact model of your psu
  6. OCZ-450 12U EU is the model number on the side, but I cant seem to find it on the internet anywhere
  7. I have heard bad things about the original modstreams. If you could I would go with the antec 380 ew. Like suggested above.
  8. Thanks for the advice, I am curious as to the overclocking capabilities I would have with a 380 watt PSU. Im not an extreme over clocker, but some room for it is always nice.

    If you truely recommend the 380Watt will be sufficient, I will get that. but I am also looking at another to see if it is worth getting the 430Watt version

    Antec EarthWatts EA-430 GB 430W Power Supply (PSU)
  9. If you are concerned then go for it, but even with over clocking, that would suffice. It is a very high quality unit.
  10. I found a Sapphire 5750 edition with 1Gig memory instead of 512mb. Not much of a difference, but would this have any bearing on the type of PSU I would need?

    (I am very PSU concious)
  11. No, not at all. Like said earlier the psu can handle up to a gtx460.
    I understand being psu conscious considering it is the most important part of the computer. The biggest thing is just to make sure you have a very high quality unit.
  12. I'd use the old PSU if it's still functioning properly, and put the savings toward upgrading from the 5750 to a 5770 at least. If you're looking to play games at least. Also, consider a Quad core if it fits in your budget.

    4GB of RAM is a must IMO as well. The cost difference is marginal compared to the benefits.
  13. I was looking at some more processors.

    The 'Athlon II X3 445' is 15Pounds more than the 'AMD CPU Athlon II 250 Dual Core Processor '. I heard you also have the possibility to unlock the 4th Core to make it a quad core.
  14. Yes, you do have the possibility, but it is not a guarantee. A lot of the time they are chips that had a flaw in one of the cores so instead of trashing them, they disable one core.
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