Why my ati 3450 gpu and memory clock is lower than the default clock?

i have laptop wif intregated ati 3450 gpu..
the default gpu and memory clock was 500mhz...
how to change back to the default clock?
i had try many software such as rivatuner,ati tool,amd overclock and powerstrip...
i try to change the value but it will change back to the old value....
the catalyst does not have the overdrive...
so,anyone can help me?
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  1. in other words,can someone help me how to overclock this thing using other ways?
  2. It might be the GPU slowing down itself when not rendering 3D stuff to cool itself.
    To check, download GPU-Z and Furmark, then run furmark and monitor the GPU speed in GPU-Z
  3. So - let me get this straight... It is running at less than the default clock speed, and you want to "forcibly" set it at the default setting? Or do you actually want to clock it beyond the default setting?

    As far as I have seen - Catalyst will not have the clock settings available for IGPs. In addition to this, your IGP will run at a much lower rate than the "default" when it is not being used much - this saves power and heat.
  4. i had test it using furmark...
    it still show 247mhz for memory and gpu clock...
    my default clock is 500mhz....
    can someone help me overclock this?
  5. I have the same problem, tho my gpu is 3400 it was 3450 when i sent it to warranty service.
    in idle mode the clock are gpu:54 mhz memory:126 and in preformance mode gpu: 249 mhz and memory: 247 mhz. both of the preformance clocks should be twice as high.

    tho is it possible to flash an integrated graphics bios... or does it even have a separate bios. Anyway tried it, no with no luck. Also I havent found an oc program that would of worked for my lappy. I have also tried different bioses for the motherboard.
  6. actualy the clocks are correct. the reporting system is somewhat faulty some programs report it as 500:500 and some aprox. half. anyhow download "AMD GPU clock tool" wit worked for me... mamaged to get the engine to 710 and memory to 570 without artifacts, tho the temp is nearly 100 C
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