Mobility radeon 5870 freez

I have a problem with mobility radeon 5870. It's all great untill I launch Fallout 3 or Drakensang(I haven't tried anything different). Then game hangs up/I see a grey screen/sometimes also appears vertical lines. It was all the same with asus drivers( I have Asus G73jh) and the newest ATI Catalys 10.10 for win7 64. I don't know card temperatures because they don't appear in Everest. Anyone knowing what should I do?

P.S Sorry formy english:)
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  1. welcome to the forums

    I had that problem with a desktop version of a 5870. Even though it is an entirely different chip, sounds like the hardware is nice and friend.

    try some other games or drivers, if nothing helps, return the lappy.

    Sorry for the sorrow news.
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