New PC Build - Crashing

I was hoping to get some help troubeshooting an issue. I am not really profecient at hardware issues or how to go about resolving them. I have a new PC built, it runs great execpt when I am trying to game, well some of them. I have a 6870 and have tried to play both Crysis Warhead and New Vega but the PC is giving me problem.

Crysis - the PC will power off while loading the first stage
New Vega - I can play it with no issues on low and medium settings but testing it last night I tried going to ultra just to see how it would preform. After about 3 to 5 minutes of listening to the PC start working hard and the fans blowing the PC just powered off.

I have done some research and these issues appear to be either GPU overheating, or power suppply. THe questions I have is, is there any way to narrow down the scope of the root cause, and if there is what steps can i go through to resolving the issue.

This is my first PC build and I am learning as I go but would really appertiate any help with this issue.


PC Specs

G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 2 x 2GB DDR3
Phenom II x4 955
MSI Twin Frozr II 6870
Ultra LSP750 750-Watt
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  1. Is this the PSU you have -

    If yes then please change it fast.. 45A on the single 12V rail translates to a mere 540 watts which is a good deal lesser compared to the advertised 750W.. Now even 540 watts should be enough for your rig but I personally won't trust this PSU to deliver it cleanly.. Then there is the low efficiency rating.. Changing the PSU should take care of your problems.. Your video card is one of the best available in the market so you can be relaxed on that.. Next, check your case if it has adequate airflow.. Sometimes these problems rise due to overheating also..
  2. same i doubt ur PSU isnt good enough aswell get something with high efficiency and a good company like corsair etc
  3. Eh, could be PSU but I'd check other things out first. Run RealTemp and/or HWMonitor, and then try running Prime95 Small FFT or Intel Burn Test. If your CPU cooler isn't attached right and temps skyrocket, it'll crash the PC.

    You could also run MSI Afterburner if you confirm CPU temps are fine, and then run MSI Kombuster (comes with Afterburner) to do a GPU burn test and see if temps are ok there. That'll load the GPU up and if it crashes but temps are fine, then it's likely the PSU.
  4. Okay, so I got home and tested the CPU and GPU with MSI afterburner and AMD Overdrive. The CPU bearly broke a sweat, topping out at 34 with the benchmark running. On the other hand my GPU was running around 105 with the fan spinning at 100% before I turned the benchmark off. Also the CPU process peg out @ 100% and I cannot even run the Kombustor normal benchmark without the pc crashing.

    So I guess the card is bad? Is there anyway to benchmark the PSU while I am at it?

    Thanks guys and Cheers!!
  5. PSU, not really. But this sounds like a GPU issue. I OCed mine too much and running FurMark the VRM hit 120C and crashed my PC. If you're reading 105C on the core then the VRM and VRAM are probably hotter.

    Does your case have good ventilation? You could try running with the side off the case and if it helps then you just need some case fans.
  6. The case I am using is the Anetc Nine hundered series, the 2 fans on the front don't work but the top one, 120mm does. I am not overclocking atm so I would think the card should be fine, but the PSU is underneath the card, could this create a heat issue?

    The card is running between 83 and 85 degrees in Windows, does this sound normal?
  7. I also have an Antec 900 II case... why don't the fans work? Can't plug them in? Intake fans are pretty crucial, without them it makes the case negative pressured which means the air mostly goes inwards.

    And no, my cards are at 46C and 33C respectively. 5850s.
  8. Well I have opened the case up for testing and not noticing any difference in the GPU temp...
  9. well looking at ur CPU temps and ur GPU temps are super high so i think ur GPU is faulty.i hav herd ppl no matter what they do GPU temps remain very high so they got it RMA. if opening case doesnt show any difference then i think it can be that and since its twin frozrII it shud work cool coz it has some amazing cooling.
  10. Yep, I agree. Looks like the easiest thing to do would be to RMA the card, although, you could most likely fix it yourself by buying some thermal grease (if you don't already have any) and removing the heat sink. Then clean it up, reapply, and reinstall.
  11. It was the POS ultra power supply. I got ahold of a ocz stealthstream 600, put it in and wow what a difference...

    Cheers for the help!
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