HTPC - Long Cable Use????

Here is my dilemma.

I am going to build a HTPC that will also serve as my primary PC.

Two main purposes: 1) Home Theater 2) Enough Ommph to run PhotShop on some very large (10MB+) files.

My room layout is not very flexible so my PC presently sits about 15 feet from my HDTV in line of sight. I will need to run some long cables no matter how I decide to proceed. The cables will have to run approx: 35 feet along two walls. Here is what I am considering.

Option #1 - keep pc in present location and run a 35ft HDMI cable to the TV/Receiver.

Option #2 - Locate the PC at the TV and run a 35 ft monitor cable to where my workstation "area" has to remain. Use wireless mouse and keyboard to traverse the approx. 15 feet of open air between the box and the work space.

Maybe I am missing something in this design??

Of course line loss is a concern to me in both situations and the quality of cabling may make things too expensive.

Any thoughts/help will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Option 1 with 35' HDMI cable sounds better. (otherwise you will have to get up every time you need to load something into the CD drive or card reader)
    Line loss should not be an issue with 35'
  2. Thanks for the feedback rolli.

    I've seen HDMI cables @ 35' for 40 bucks and seen them at 200 bucks. Any thoughts on what quality you get with the lower priced cables?
  3. No but I wonder if that is something you would notice. Short cables come in different price ranges as well and some people always have to have the best of the best.
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    Don't be a sucker and pay big $$$ for an HDMI cable. Go to monoprice and pick up a $25 HDMI cable and be done with it. If you want to splurge... pay a little extra and get 22AWG cable instead of 24AWG cable, though I'm confident that 24 gauge cable is perfectly fine for 40ft. HDMI cable is run at much longer lengths than 40ft without issue.
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