What is the reason for MSI 945 mother board not sending signal to monitor? When

My pc with msi 945 was working nicely but after I clean it and change the position of DVD drive .My system is not sending signal to monitor. when i start my pc nothing is displayed not even the motherboard splash screen ... moreover bios is also not accessable.. plz reply me soon urgent..
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  1. do you have a gfx card installed? if so try both the onboard video(if u have) and the graphics card
  2. nna2 thanks for ur quick reply... i dont think i need to have gfx card installed because before altering of dvd drive position system was fine and working... and i had not changed any other configuration of board ..... i am not able to find what had gone wrong there and is causing this problem... if any body have any solution/suggestion what i can try if board is not sending signal to monitor... in following case..
    1. If RAM is taken out and system started then long continuous beep sound.
    2. SMPS FAN and cpu fan is running.
    3. No start up motherbord splash screen.
    4.Bios is also not accessable.
  3. Does your PC make any beeps when you power it on? Check your motherboard manual to decipher those beeps.

    Reseat all cards, connectors, RAM modules - one of those might have been knocked slightly loose - I've had this occur to me quite often.
  4. thanks arunphilip!!! there is no beep at startup.... i am also thinking of reassembling my system....
  5. OK - don't reassemble everything at one shot :-) Reseat the RAM, try booting, reseat your cards, try booting, etc.

    Also, try unplugging the DVD drive (both power and data cables) and try booting.
  6. ok philip thanks i will try it tomorrow... coz it mid night here(1:00 am) now had to go to sleep....
  7. grunzmeniroj said:
    ok philip thanks i will try it tomorrow... coz it mid night here(1:00 am) now had to go to sleep....

    Ah, sounds like we're in the same time zone. Only thing is, I seem to suffer from insomnia :-)
  8. hop girls are not cause of ur insomnia.... ha ha good night sleep tight.....
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