Overheating video. And question about adding parts

Not even playing a graphc intensive game and my video card seems to overheat at around 30min of use, I have multiple pictures of my system I will be posting here in a moment but, while playing WoW I see my ATI 5850 overheating if I am doing quite a bit at once, reason I am guessing overheating is because I will randomly get a bluescreen in windows 7 for 0x000116 I believe and the file that has caused it was for the video card.

Also wondering if there is a way I can know how much power I can use from my system Wanting to add an aftermarket CPU cooler, but not sure how much more it can handle.

EVGA P55 Sli motherboard
12GB Corsair XMS3 DDR 3 1333 mhz
Intel Core I5 750 processor stock cooled
Thermaltake Tough Power 650 Watt PSU
XFX 5850 Rev 02
Western Digital 500GB drive
Sata DVD burner

1x 200MM front intake fan
2x 120MM top intake fans ( I know I should make them exhaust, still need to do that
1x 120mm Rear Exhaust fan
1x 200MM side Exhaust fan

Couple pictures of the inside.
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  1. Also to add, I am using a monitor at 1680 x 1050 res
  2. If your GPU overheated, the screen would turn off and the computer could restart. I had overheating GPUs for a while and it always happened to me.

    I would check your memory and test it, and also make sure that your GPU and memory are seated properly.

    You should be able to handle a CPU cooler; the only parts that draw power are the fans.
  3. System can run for days and not restart, after awhile into the game the driver is failing and figured it was due to over heating. Tried reseating the memory last week and it didn't change anything. Will reseat the video card now though.
  4. I've had a BSOD due to a driver issue once, but a restart fixed it. Maybe a complete driver uninstall using Driver Sweeper will do the trick if everything is seated properly.
  5. Did a complete driver reinstall, tried swapping out some of the memory, about to start running one stick at a time to see if maybe there is an issue there. Same exact spot in a quest in the game though is giving different blue screens and wondering if I just need to reinstall it. Last Bluescreen was for atikmpag.sys file. Also recieved a 0x00001A: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT one a few min before that. This is driving me nuts. Does not get blue screens in daily use, just that game, going to start playing other games to see if that same issue occurs.
  6. If it's crashing at the exact same point every time, that's a dead giveaway to look for RAM issues. Could be that one of your sticks has a failing sector, and every time the game does something that hits that bad sector, it causes an error.

    Have you run Memtest? That's the first thing I would do.
  7. I ran Windows 7 mem diags, roughly 6 hours worth, no errors found.
  8. Played StarCraft 2 on ultra for about an hour, no blue screens or hiccups at all.
  9. So I have now test both pairs of RAM individually with windows memory diagnostic, 4 itterations on extended tests and no errors. I do believe it is VRAM causing my 0x50 blue screens, any other way to test?
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