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Is it worth it ?

Hey guys .. I putted a post here on if it's worth trading a GTX 295 with a GTX 470
but that guy said that he wont do that :S

Ammm, although he did told me i can replace my GTX295 with 2 GTX 280 so ..
Is it worth it ?
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    280's in SLI are 10-20% faster than a single 295 depending on the title, so if it's an even trade go for it.
  2. Well, it depend, do you concern about heat? I would say stay with your current GTX295, it's still pretty fast for today's standard, going from GTX295 to GTX470 isn't going gives you high jump performance.
    Does your GTX295 still on warranty? What about that GTX470? If that gtx470 is still on warranty then you can go for it...
  3. 2x280's would be a good deal when trading with a single 295, but you need a decent psu with enough cables as well as being able to have enough cooling and space in your case.
    What's the cpu btw?
  4. The other thing to consider is that two cards are more likely to fail then one. Your 295 is a good card and I would stick with it.
  5. It is a good deal, i asked my brother and io know that there will am increase with the performance .. About the cooling thing I've a Cooler Master 690 full of fans plus a water cooling on the cpu :P

    The cpu is Core i5 750 @ 4.0 GHz
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