NTLDR is missing

I am trying to reformat my Toshiba Satellite with XP and it will not let me. I wanted to make sure that the CD drive was the 1st choice for the boot menu and now I am getting this.

NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

I control,alt,delete and the same thing keeps coming up. I tried with the Toshiba install disc and without the disc. Now I get nothing but this.

Please help
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  1. Is the disc you placed in the CD drive a bootable disc? If the disc isn't bootable the next bootable device in the boot chain is the hard disk drive which probably had Windows XP installed on it at one time. The Master Boot Record on the hard disk drive would be trying to find the NTLDR system file that is needed to boot Windows XP and the file can't be found.

    You will need to use a Windows XP bootable CD unless you're trying to reinstall a Toshiba factory image.
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