Need compatible motherboard for this budget build and feedbacks

Here is my setup, but I don't know which motherboard is compatible.

What do you think ? Can this run new games at descent settings ?

Any suggestions on RAM, CPU, Memory ?

I am quite happy with my build so far....if there's no real potential problems with it, I would just need motherboard to go along with it, and I am going to order.
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  1. Hi

    the setup you put together is not looking good to me at all.

    Here is a built i put together.

    It's way more future proof.

    It has a better PSU. Even tho it's not one of the best ones it will last long time.

    The GPU is the best you can get for that price.

    The 4670 is too old in comparisn to the new GPUs that are out now.

    If the money is a problem, then im afraid that some one else will have to help you.

    Hope this helps

    All best and a happy new year :D

  2. Combo
    A little more powerful GPU maybe HD5670 would help in the gaming department.
  3. basically I have no idea how to know if a graphic card is fast or not....

    that combo is not available in canada.

    is x3 marginally better than x2 ?
  4. X3 is not only marginally better, it is much better for multithreaded applications and multitasking.
  5. rolli59 said:
    X3 is not only marginally better, it is much better for multithreaded applications and multitasking.

    does it run games faster ?
  6. Some games that can use more than 1 core, the rest is a question of clock speed and what you have running in the background
  7. Yes rolli59 is right that x3 445 i have suggested will be faster in multitasking and games that support 3 cores. also that gt 240 would be more powerfull than 5670 and 4670.

    Or maybe the gts 250 would be a better option it is still in the same price range as the gt 240 and 4670.

    Or what you could do is tell us your budget and all the parts you need. Then we would suggest you the best parts you can get for that budget. :D
  8. It really helps to mention your in Canada too when asking for help finding components.
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