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Hello, I just built this new desktop for gaming and I'm already having issues with it. I was playing skyrim when I'm assuming my RAM went fubar. Whole comp froze and I had to run the memOK on my mobo for it. Now it takes several minutes to get past the windows start up screen with the windows logo. I think that issue is directly related to my hard drive it seems like it may have become faulty. Skyrim keeps going from 40 frames no problem to a complete system freeze. I'm running an M5A97 asus mobo, with amd phenon II x4 965 proc, 2x2 ddr3 1600 gskill ram, a geforce 9600 gso, and a 320 gb 7200 rpm harddrive. All running on windows ultimate 7 64 bit. Any ideas as to my dilemma would be appreciated.
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  1. first try running ur system in safe mode if it is ok and system is booting fast then there is problem in software,game or any other utility installed in ur system. if in safe mode also system is not booting normally then there might be problem in harddisk(but not sure) so it would be fruitful to defragment your harddisk, remove unwanted program starting at boot time,run chkdsk utility, increasing paging size... if you had not replaced ur CMOS battery since 2-3 year then you may also try replacing it .....................
  2. I do all those, as for the battery, like I said the system is brand new. Literally built it last night.
  3. if ur system is brand new then format ur harddisk and re install OS if after doing this also system is not working then just replace ur hard disk(as i think warranty period is not expired) .

    if you had tried chkdsk and it doesnt show any problem then replacing harddisk will also not work...........
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