Trying to price match the i5 2500k

I live an hour away from a Microcenter and I'm trying to get Frys to price match the i5 2500k for $180. They told me that Microcenter goes through a third party while Frys goes through Intel. Is that right? I had just walked into Frys the other day and they handed me a piece of paper saying they would price match any online or in store offer. What they told me sounds bogus.
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  1. Intel sets the market price for it's products so that no seller can put another out of business with predatory pricing, and to ensure return for investment.

    Both companies have great service, and compete with each other by offering "loss leaders", items on which they cut their profit in order to attract a customer who will buy associated items. I have not read Frys price match details, but I have never seen one that did not have so many requirements to meet, that getting them to honor it would have diminishing returns.
  2. First off the price match is for a local competitor, AKA same town, not an hour away.

    Secondly it says you need to buy from the "Local" competeitor and bring in the receipt to get your money.

    Fry's Policy says

    If within 30 days of purchasing an item from Fry's you see a lower in-stock price at a local competitor with a low price guarantee, Fry's will cheerfully refund 110% of the amount of the competitor's low price guarantee. Or, if within 30 days of purchase, a local Fry's, or a local competitor without a low price guarantee has a lower price, Fry's will refund 100% of the difference.
    NOTE: All comparisons are based on price, excluding any applicable sales tax. Low price guarantee for notebook computers, microprocessors, memory, CD and DVD recorders, camcorders, digital cameras, and air conditioners is within 15 days from purchase date. To apply for Fry's low price guarantee, simply bring in your original cash register receipt and verifiable proof of a current lower price.

    *All comparisons are based on in-store tagged price at the time of request, excluding sales tax. Offer good on all fresh-boxed products of the same exact model in stock at a local competitor. We reserve the right to limit this offer to one of each model. Offer does not apply to wireless phones and pagers that require a service agreement. Offer does not apply when price includes bonus or free offers or one-of-a-kind or limited-quantity offers.
    NOTE: Does not apply to expired ads. Fry's ads valid for only stores listed in the ad.
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