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Ok, I recently have been trying to get all my new computer parts I want together. I have a case, Mobo, and AMD Athlon II. Now my dad is saying that for the mean time I should just use my old components from my Dell Dimension E510 thats almost 6 yrs old. My questions are (1) is this possible, will dell components work with my new components? (2) After 6 yrs my computer has alot of viruses and what not, can these spread, infecting my new pc, once theyve been installed?
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  1. A virus cannot, to my knowledge, damage a motherboard or CPU. I've heard of viruses burning out hard drives from constant spinning and in rare cases shutting down fans, although I would question that.

    Viruses are more likely to effect things that can be written to such as harddrives and external drives (so it would be possible for a virus to transfer from an external drive once you get a new hdd). So you could do it with out effecting your Mobo and Processor.
  2. If you're transferring the hard drive(s) and/or optical drives (CD, DVD, etc.), I would back up the necessary files from the hard drive and wipe it clean. You may need to format the drive anyway because the OEM copies of Windows are generally hardware specific. That would protect you against the viruses on the drive currently.
  3. Ok, also another question, what if some components dont have enough power support?

    I know this was a cheap pc I currently have and probably has a low watt pcu. would that affect my computer at all? I wouldn't want to fry it :/
  4. You can check the power/brand of the power supply by looking at the label. If the components didn't get enough power, the computer would either not boot up or would shut down under load.
  5. ok and what about thermal glue for my Athlon II?
  6. Can your transfer the cooler carefully enough to keep the current thermal paste intact? Otherwise, you don't need anything really expensive. Arctic Silver 5 is only $10, but even that's overkill for standard usage.
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