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Will my build work ok? Suggestions?

After much research I have finally put together my new computer build, but wanted to check with the vets here to see if I have missed anything. Will this all work together and am I over/under doing anything? Any forseen issues or suggestions will be much appreciated. This is my first time building a pc.






Thermal compound:




Also, Any suggestions on a 1GB video card?

Thanks for the help
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  1. get a 6850..
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    What are you using the computer for? We can already redistribute some money with the current build, but you could possibly have more money for other parts.

    For instance, the X4 970 is just a higher clocked version of the 955, which you can easily overclock to those speeds, and it costs $30 less.

    You can also save another $30 on your hard drive by switching to the faster Samsung F3 1TB:

    If gaming is going to be the primary use of this machine, you can stick with 4GB RAM and still perform fine.
    This set has a lower Cas Latency (7 vs. 9), so it will perform better, even at a lower rated speed, and saves you $50:
    You could save even more with a set with a Latency of 8 or 9 (the difference won't really be noticeable), and still get a good set from a good manufacturer.

    A good use of that saved money would be to invest $10 into your case and get the Antec 300 Illusion. You get good fans that are also lighted (the fans usually cost 10-15 each):

    The rest of the money could be used to beef up your GPU choice or get a performance boost with a solid state or something.
  3. Thanks for the help so far. I intend to use the computer for gaming and watching movies web surfing etc.

    I don't know anything about overclocking and it sounded like it could damage my cpu so I wasn't going to mess with it for my first build but I will look into the 955.

    If the F3 is faster then why is the Caviar more expensive?

    Thanks for the RAM info. I can get away with 4 but I thought 8 would do me a little better in the long run. Ill look into the cas latency thing thanks.

    Don't solid states degrade over time or something? I thought i remember hearing some bad things about them.
  4. The 955 can overclock easier than other CPUs. Because it is the same physical chip as the 965/970, it requires only a minor tweak (I'm sure you can find a guide to OCing it).

    I don't know why that Caviar is more expensive. Most of the other Caviars are around the same price as the F3s. Maybe its some sort of special drive? Dunno.

    Don't forget that you can always add RAM in the future ;)

    SSDs eventually "wear out," but even without proper use, its life is still much longer than a platter drive. The only thing that really harms the drive is writing data, so if you use it as a boot drive where you read data but rarely write, it will last for extremely long times. The TRIM features help reduce that degradation significantly (they need to be enabled using software; Windows hasn't included native support for SSDs yet).
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