Blue screen of death

I need help with my system. I don't know which category to post this, if this is the wong place I'm sorry :(

My system specs:

AMD 2.8ghzX6 OC to 3.5ghz
ASUS 880 motherboard
corsair 8G 2000 ram
corsair 60g SSD
Samsung 1T F3 harddrive
ASUS 5770 graphic card
Windows Vista ultimate OS
About a month old

For starters my system is on 24/7 for gaming. Everything worked great until 2 days ago. My daughter tried to do some streaming and downloaded something, decided to delete it since she was prompted to pay. But since then Norton antivirus has been prompting about a blocked intrusion from ikurli71 or something like that. Several times. Then I hooked up a newly purchased 40" TV. I changed the setting to maximum resolution. After 15 minutes I got the blue screen of death. I thought since my graphic card was OC on lower resolution, increasing it to highest, crashed it. I turned on PC again and changed resolution back to normal. After 5 minutes, crash again. I set graphic card back to default. Crash again after 5 minutes. I redid BIOS and set everything back to default again. Nothing overclocked and still crashing. I removed the graphic card and used the onboard video, still crashing. I removed 3 sticks of ram and still crashing. I checked connections on everything and still crashing. I was guesing maybe its my SSD. I hear people having problems with connections on them. I reseated the connections and still same problem. It only crashes when I start windows normaly. Right now the PC does not crash while im on safe mode. Which makes me think that there is nothing wrong with my SSD. Since its my OS drive.

My guess is that something got a virus (maybe) Norton scan revealed no virus, no adware, no malware, thats with full scan not quickscan. Now the crashing is even worse. Won't even load normally, as soon as the windows screen comes up it crashes. I can get as far as start up programs loading and then crash. Can anyone give me some ideas on how to troubleshoot these symptoms. Thank you.

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  1. I am thinking a virus if it runs in safe mode. Try to run combo fix if you can get it and see if it helps. I would pull the drive and scan it with another computer. I use avast home edition.
  2. Thats gonna be a problem since I only have 1 pc. My daughters pc is not available at the moment. Is avast free?

    Thanks for fast reply
  3. One quick way to get rid of most infections is to delete your partition(s), reformat, and reinstall....assuming you have most valuable photos/data, etc., backed up.....
  4. I cant find my new harddrive....I was thinking of taking off both harddrive install new one and reinstall windows from scratch and doing a scan on both drives and remove what I need from them and delete. But thats gonna take a while. I guess I'll do it after the new year. the last time I reformatted took 2 days to get windows all updated and getting all drivers I need. Push comes to shove thats what I'll do. I have photos and videos all backed up but not settings. Start from scratch I guess.
  5. OK new findings...while on safe mode, I decided to clean up anything and everything I can. Opening every folder and deleting. When I was done I went disc clean up. As soon as I click delete selected files...CRASH! Everytime, even on safe mode. Anyone know what this mean? Perhaps changes in C drive by deleting crashes the system.....ughhhhhh
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    On your work/school computer get malwarebytes anti-malware and put it on a USB when in safe mode run a full scan and remove whatever it tells you to remove report back if it finds nothing.

    Also my favorite forums for solving viruses:
  7. Will do, ill post my findings
  8. I did MB scan and found many affected files. I cleaned it up with MB and everytime I rebooted it repopulated itself....Vicious cycle. I installed TDSKILLER and was able to remove a rootkit. Combination of TDS and MB. I was finally able to run on normal without crashing. But now virus scan keeps finding 1 or 2 files always popping up on every scan even after delleting it. I just may have to do a complete reformat. How annoying finding bad stuff on PC speciallly when you never use to find any. TDSKILLER and MALWAREBYTES FTW!
  9. TNX I'll try it out. FYI the virus name was whitesmoke....nasty little buger. I've had viruses before, but this one actually had me going. TNX all!
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  11. I've heard of whitesmoke that one is a toughy after you backup everything I would recommend a reinstall a reinfection could occur especially with whitesmoke it creates lots of junk all over the place some will inevitably be missed
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