Current budget is $3000 and change.

My friend wants to match lots of cash with his love for technology. He has never before been able to build his dream machine, and I think this forum can help.

Purpose: Gaming, performance - benching (e-peen). Failure to overclock is not an option here.

Here are the parts collected so far:
- Graphics: 2 X 6970
- Monitors: 3 X HP 25 in. 1920 X 1080
- Case: HAF932 Blue
- PSU: Corsair TX 850
- Storage: 2 X 1TB Samsung F3, and small SSD boot drive.

Still need CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Heat Sink and accutrements.

Preferred vendors: Newegg, MicroCenter , Fry’s or others willing to ship to US mainland.

Build date: as soon as possible. I have been holding him off until January 5th when Sandybridge becomes available – specifically, the following parts are being considered:

Core i7-2600k

Asus ROG maximus IV Extreme


Heat Sink:
Prolimatech Meghalims Rev B

Any concerns or thoughts regarding these choices? Recommendations on cpu fans certainly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would be concerned with that 850TX PSU. It can easily handle the 6970s, but if you're going to be overclocking, it may struggle. If you can, I would try to return it or sell it and get at least the 850HX (rated for 850W continuous output vs. 850W max with the TX).

    Other than that, the CPU, mobo, RAM and cooler look good.
  2. Okay instead of that corsair get this xfx same quality same wattage great johnnyguru review and cheap:

    Also silver certified 80+

    and get the 6950 and use the BIOS unlock unless you think that the higher binning is really worth 70 dollars

    also for RAM G Skill is coming out with a new series for SB "Ripjaws X" at least I heard that somewhere generally I don't like to decide on RAM before the chipset is out and the new series from memory manufacturers are out
  3. Unfortuantely the graphics boards were delivered the day that article in Tom's came out. Doh!

    That XFX does look like a nice model. Also considering just adding a second power supply, if it is needed. The case will hold it and chaining them together is a simple matter.

    Going to wait until the last minute to get the RAM too. That is a good suggestion.

    Like your sig.

  4. Sorry I can't help with the CPU fans I'm just not sure exactly what to look for :(
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