TR2 600w junk... opinion on a replacement...

Well, here's my system that I'm running....

CPU - AMD 1055t

Mobo - MSI 870A-G54


RAM - 8gb Gskill DDR3

HD - 1tb WD

Optical - just a dvd-rw

I put this system together about 4 days ago.... I was using a Thermaltake TR2 600w PSU.. It died today, needless to say I was less than happy about that. Instead of going with another thermaltake, I took a trip to best buy and picked up a Corsair GS700 for a replacement, Is this a decent PSU? I don't want another P.O.S. that isn't going to hold up... Any input is appreciated.

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  1. Corsair and antec are both pretty reliable. The 700w is plenty for your system specs.
  2. Thank you ;)
  3. Antec & Corsair are my favorite brands for power supplies. Everyone I"ve had has been rock solid.

    BUT, they do have several different grades / series.....

    CX carries a 2 year Warranty
    CS carries a 3 year
    TX carries a 5 year
    HX carries a 7 year

    I've used TX & HX. I have no experience with CS or CX.....

    But, I looked on Best Buy, that supply was listed at $100........

    Shop, you can find a TX or HX above 650watts for about the same or even a bit less..................
  4. ive heard good things about the cheaper thermaltake litepower. but antec are about the best value for money for quality psu's. OCZ have a good rep lately and arent over the top on pricing. but you cant go wrong with seasonic (who make most of the antecs and corsairs)
    just realised i have a thermaltake tr2 lol, had it for 3 years with no issues. but its not the same design as the newer ones i believe. Its best to find a review of any psu you wish to buy where they have performed load, ripple and noise tests at real running temps. Look at jonnyguru and hardwaresecrets web sites. they provide valuable info like this
  5. antec tp 650
    xfx pro 650
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