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I have 2 Gigabyte Nvidia 460 GTX as my cards for SLI. Now the question might be a little obvious but i can't seem to figure it out, so my apologies beforehand.

There is a new patch for WoW 4.0.1 which enables DX11 now, but it seems that when i turn on DX11 my SLI doesn't work. When i disable it, my SLI is back to working. So i figured if i wanted to see what was new or what looks better in DX11 i'll just go SINGLE GPU configuration. But the question i have is, running the card on the bottom as the MAIN card will run a lot cooler than running the card on top. Is this possible to switch the bottom card to be considered the main video card whenever i am in a single GPU configuration?

Thanks, i dont know if its obvious as just switching something around or switching my monitor cables to the bottom card which doesn't make sense to me how that would change it. But if thats the answer *facepalm*.
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  1. I know that I can change which card does the processing by using MSI afterburner and this allows the second card (bottom card) to do the heavy processing when only one card is being used. I haven't done extensive testing but in a windows environment I know this to be true.
  2. how do you do it in afterburner? I am using afterburner now didn't think a 3rd party program could take control of that...
  3. You need to go into options and there will be a drop down box for selecting primary graphics card.
  4. Will have to try that when i get home then! Thanks man!
  5. If that doesn't work, some MB's have a bios option to select which slot is your primary slot.
  6. I modified my MSI Afterburner, but it still uses the top card as my primary. And i checked through my MB no option gave me the option to make one card primary either.
  7. This is NOT the recommended method, but I've read at least someone had it working.

    Plug your monitor in to the bottom card. The top card in SLI works in single gpu situations because that is where the monitor , memory buffer is connected.

    If your system boots, I'm pretty sure your #2 card will be the active card in non-sli modes.

    edit: I have no temp problems, and my top card does run cooler than when they are both going. I guess I don't think this is worth exploring, imho.
  8. my top card is DOUBLE the temp of my bottom card cause its suffocated, but thats just how my MB was, the 2 PCIe 16x are next to each other. And i have GIGABYTE 460's so the exhaust is out of the top of the card rather than the rear.

    I was thinking its the monitor thing, but that seems so weird, simply plugging it in will trigger the system to believe its the primary?
  9. Give it a shot ? The recommended way is the top card. The driver might function the way you want it to in some configurations. you might get lucky.
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