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How is this build?

Phenom IIx4 965 BE

AMD Gigabyte AM3 mobo DDR3 south(880G)

Geil DDR3 RAM 1066 planning to OC

can this be safely OCed?

Hitachi deskstar 500 GB7200 RPM

ATI Radeon 5770 gigabyte

ASUS blu ray

Sony optical 48x cd-rom, all other high speeds for other formats

Antec 300 illusion case

all for about 720 USD

can someone tell me if this was worth the money? and any opinions on tis setup
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  1. Looks good. Overclock is easy with BE CPU. What PSU are you using?
  2. oh forgot

    the Corsair 550 watt 80 plus non modular
  3. Good one!
  4. thanks
  5. does anyone else have any opinions

    and i wasnt; clear before but i was wondering how much i could OC the memory, it is only 1066 now but how high can it go?
  6. If you want to overclock the memory then I suggest getting faster ram at least 1600.
    Having a CPU with unlocked multiplier then there is no need to overclock the memory since the CPU overclocks just by changing the multiplier without affecting other components.
  7. so can't i still OC the RAM to something like 1333 or 1500? and how would that affect the latency?
  8. You will have to relax the timings so you gain clock speed but loose latency.
  9. so would there be any visible gain? and is the loss of latency worth the speed gain?
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    There is very little gain from overclocking memory it will be measurable but hardly visibly.
  11. alright thanks rolli.
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