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Best system for single video card

Last response: in Systems
January 1, 2011 12:40:19 AM


Well I allready got a 570 gtx EVGA, full tower haf case, a dvd drive,hard drive, a heatsink that fits all current sockets, creative sound card audigy blaster, 1920x1080 23" led monitor, keyboard,mouse....Im just missing the obvious:

-Memory ram

And about the psu I don't know if I should get a new one...the one I got is an OCZ stealth x stream 700 watts PSU 85% efficient(supposed to be). It has 72 amps and I have been using it daily for 2 years and every day it's working around 10 hours...should I get another one?

The PC I wan't will be 99% dedicated for PC Gaming(the rest 1% will be to use internet, word,excel and video encoding).

My options would be:


1) Phenom II X4 970 (im not overclocking and an AMD build would be much cheaper).
2) Core i5 760(not sure about this one since it would be more $$$).
3) Wait for Sandy Bridge(But prices might scare me).
4) Wait for bulldozer(looks too far away...I need the pc before mid January).


No idea, USB3 and sata III would be nice for future upgrades but I can't find for myself the best mobo with a single PCI-E lane for the 570 gtx...I'm not into sli...I'm the type of guy that when a better videocard comes out and it's in my range I just sell the one I have and get the new one.


I believe I would be fine with a generic(since im not overclocking ATM) DDR3 1333Mhz dual channel...but since it's dual channel it needs to be in pairs like 2-4-8gb ram right?

So yeah. TLDR: A PC that the CPU usage never(or almost never) reaches 100%, that the ram never reaches 100% either...I love having X amount of IE windows while I play and have Ventrilo and hear music.... a PC made for gaming.

Also my 570 gtx is fluctuating all the time, sometimes it gives me 20 fps, sometimes it gives me 60 and other times it gives me 180. I believe it's relationed with CPU bottleneck(ATM core 2 duo E8400 @ 3.00 Ghz) and maybe the PSU could be a problem....let's say I purchase the recommendation I get here, and if the videocard still has problems then I will RMA it and get another one.

THANKS for reading, and Happy New Year :) 
January 1, 2011 12:48:51 AM

The best boards have the SLI and/or CF option but it is not necessary to use them with 2 cards. In AMD you could go for a 870 series board most with single slot.
For dual channel you are right about it having to be in pairs.
Sandy Bridge is about to release wait and see what happens on the market.
April 11, 2014 4:06:39 AM

sir i have 8600gt verto pny 256mb when i play every game on it after some time game is stopped and pc lose its display and black screen sir what you say its driver problem or card problem help my please i checked it on 2 computers the result is same on both no display