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Ever since I built my computer, a long-running problem was that if it bumped it, it would (most of the time) freeze. Sometimes a very loud beep would come out of the speakers(not the mobo). I found several threads across the internet saying things from faulty PSUs or the Motherboard contacting other metal. I got a new PSU and re-installed the motherboard, making sure no screws were left behind and such. Nothing.

Just a few hours ago I transported the computer(a weekly routine) to my other home and it powered on fine. It then randomly froze(this time without bumping it), so I restarted it and once again, it randomly froze. When I went to repower, the lights and fans in the computer all turned on, but nothing came up on the screen. My USB devices were not getting power.

I first tried an old video card, then the onboard. Nothing. From there I took out the RAM and disconnected all the wires for about an hour and a half, reconnected and rebooted. Also nothing.

Any suggestions on the problem? I'm currently thinking of just ordering a new motherboard, but I'm not sure if that'll fix it or not. I also have a SSD that I planned on returning but might just try it. <<< Would this do anything?
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  1. It definitely sounds like you have a short somewhere. I would try a bench test of the motherboard (outside of the case) with just your CPU and RAM and the onboard video. If everything powers up properly and you get the POST screen on your monitor, power down and hook up your hard drive and test again. Keep adding components one at a time until you find the culprit.

    I saw a problem like this once where everything worked fine until we put it back in the case. We put everything, including the PSU, in a new case and the problem went away... weird.
  2. How do you safely start it up outside of the case? Place it on a carpet? Hard, flat surface?
  3. Soldier629 said:
    How do you safely start it up outside of the case? Place it on a carpet? Hard, flat surface?

    I use a wooden test bench as wood doesn't conduct electricity. Be sure that you're grounded when handling these components, you don't want to accidently fry things with a static charge.
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