New Ati driver still not installing

i am running window 7 32 bit with a ati hd5770. but the strange thing is. i cant install graphic driver newer than 10.3. i updated the driver a few time before. but once it get to 10.4, i cant install it any more. the installation say everything is fine and no error. but when i rebooted. it say driver is not installed properly and check you installed the correct version.

i had tried a few different things, like make sure everything is uninstalled before installing new driver. run as admin. xp mode and i even reinstalled a fresh copy of window 7 before. but still dont work. i just cant imagine what could have caused it. any help? or idea?

one thing i notice between 10.3 and newer drive is. when installing 10.3 the rsolution flash to a lower resolution back the high resolution. but new driver dont. it flash and stay at lower resolution. orther thing is. 10.3 has wdm in it folder and the newer driver dont. ie 10-3_vista32_win7_32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu compare to 10-10_vista32_win7_32_dd_ccc
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  1. have you tried the 10.10?
    Run the installer, uninstall everything, reboot, run the installer again and install everything except those silly game trials
  2. You should also run Driver Sweeper or a similar product to completely remove past driver items that were not completely removed during the uninstall process of your previous driver.
  3. yes i tried 10.10. i also tried removing all ati related stuff before installing. still no luck. i mean can a pc get any cleaner than a fresh install of os? i can change between older driver no problem.
  4. update windows as well, see if that helps... Some time ago I did a format on a older pc and the latest drivers wouldn't install on the fresh windows, but once the windows was updated the drivers installed just fine. Though I don't think they changed anything critical when going from 10.4 to 10.5... weird
  5. yea i dont understand the problems too.

    i did install leastest update
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