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Hello! I've recently began planning a new computer, that uses 8x and 16x slot PCI-e graphics cards, the computer will be using an Intel processor, so I'd like to stick with a pair of Intel cards if at all possible. I'm not a hardware guru, so I was wondering what would be recommended.

I want to have them work in tandem, or parallel processing, or what ever it's called. My mother board will be using a pair of Intel Xeon 5000 series processors, likely the e5530, and I'd like the graphics cards to work well together with the rest of my system.

Advice and suggestions are and would be most appreciated.
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  1. The GPU standard is PCIe x16, in retail you have a choice between ATI(AMD) or Nvidia based cards, they work equally well with Intel CPU's. Without knowing your motherboard we can not recommend cards to run in SLI or Crossfire. What you are going to use the computer for affects our recommendations as well.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I was hoping for an NVida base card, because they're also Intel, but i heard that doesn't particularly mean much.
    The motherboard I intend to use is an X8DTN+-F
    I intend to use a pair of these Xeon E5530s
    I haven't gotten to the RAM yet, other than it will be DDR3.
  3. LegionPothIX said:
    Thanks for the tip. I was hoping for an NVida base card, because they're also Intel,

    No they are not.
  4. ^+1 Nvidia is an independent company as ATI used to be before being bought by AMD. They are not and have never been a part of Intel!
  5. I see, In that case, all I really care about is that the graphics cards i get, work well together and work well with the processors i'll have. Someone told me they were, and they seemed kind of knowledgeable. Any particular recommendations?
  6. What is your budget?
  7. I'm trying to keep the graphics cards under 500 each, I appreciate performance, but system stability is more important to me.
  8. Wait a few weeks for the 69xx series and the GTX 580. They'll be good for you.
  9. I got a couple of weeks to keel while I save up for the Motherboard and Processors. I'll make a not of the 69xx series, any particular one I should be looking at?
  10. The higher end 69xx cards are the 6970 I think. That and the GTX 580 which is out in a week are your 2 best bets.
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