Phenom II x4 965 memory controller

I have read up on the forums and still have a question. AMD told me(3-26-11) that their on board controller is only rated for 1333 ram.
Gave me a line about backwards compatibility.
I'm looking @ asus m4a89td or shamefully m4a89Gtd. I'm willing to not o/c the mem, but has anyone had success with running faster ram and not o/c the ram?
Looking @ 2x 4gb
(corsair hopefully since the qvl list is short for this m/b)

I don't know if amd is just being safe on advise.

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  1. Rated for means that it was well tested and will handle that speed 100% correctly 100% of the time, it will do just fine with 1600MHz they just wont promise that it will work even if its know to work 99.9999% of the time.
  2. If Asus is yer thang, pick your motherboard from this list:

    ASUS First to Provide AM3+ CPU Ready Solution for Current AM3

    And pick your memory from the motherboard QVL list.

    I would suggest picking something in the 1866-2000MHz range (and down-clocking if necessary).
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