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I have accidentally messed around with Regedit which you can access by clicking run on start menu and typing that in. As I found the "successful" solution for deleting a quest account and used it i accidentally deleted a key. I don't mind except for the fact that I cannot actually "prove" if the method worked because I cannot access user accounts but it seems to have as I have searched for it every else with no result. But just to make sure could someone please post the hex code for this in Regedit from this address: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SAM\SAM\Domains\Account\Users\000001F5
The reg file is "V" The reason why I accidentally deleted it was because there are two keys 000001F5 and 0 00001F5. I want it from 000001F5 so make sure you get the right one!
Thanks again!!
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  1. U could use the system restore to get it back too.
  2. good idea except for the fact i would regain my guest account. Please post the hex code. Its really easy just make sure you get the right one. TY for replying!!
    Would come in handy though :D
  3. If u restore, than u can remove it the right way.
  4. U cam mess it up even more. OK, later tonight I'll post it.
  5. Thank you, I shall post your next post as the "best answer" too!
  6. Hey, for some reason SAM folder in regedit for me is empty:

    It's a pretty new (3 weeks ago) install of x64 Windows 7.
  7. just right click on it and give full permission close Regedit and open again XD
  8. Hi there ddd-,

    I cannot copy it all,if u PM me your @mail, I can send it to u, if it is what u want.
    I saved it in to a reg file.

  9. This is the best thing possible. If you can save it as a reg file then you save 30 minutes of my life. can you upload it instead as I perfer not to share my email. Thank you!
  10. Upload where?
  11. Best answer
  12. And back up registry before u do it! : )
  13. Best answer selected by ddd-.
  14. Thanks for the vote : )
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