Why do i get a unsuported CPU error when installeng 6X processor in HP s5610f

I ordered a AMD processor (AMD Phenom TM II X6 1075T 3.0 GHz) which is covered in the list of approved processors in the HP spec's. I then installed it into a Pavilion Slim line s5610f with the cooler just as i have in older computers. After finnishing the install when i boot the computer it seams like it going to start fine at first. The first thing i notice is the fan does not stop and start the 2nd phase like it has in the past, then in about 5 seconds IT SAYS. (ERROR: Uusupported CPU installed.
PC will automaticly power down in a few seconds.) I can then reinstall the original processor a ( AMD Athlon(TM) II X2 250 Processor 3.00GHz) and everything is back to normal. I can't help but to think it has somrthing to do with windows SECURITY but don't really know were to start. O yeah i'm running windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS Service Pack 1
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  1. I don’t know how old your motherboard is. Many of the current motherboards required a BIOS update when the x6 processors were released even though they were AM3 sockets.

    There is a BIOS update for the PC you are using. However, it says nothing about supporting the x6 processors.

    You may want to open a ticket with HP to see if they can help. Good Luck.
  2. The problem is that BIOSs on prebuilt systems are locked down pretty good to improve stability, this also means a reduced CPU support list. Since that system initially came with a 65W Athlon II X2 i highly doubt that there is BIOS support for a Phenom II X6 and certainly not a 95W version as it may be more than the VRMs can handle.
  3. Thanks guys! Yeah i had updated the BIOS. I had checked HP's specs to find the compatable CPU it said a X6 XXXXT was but nothing about the wattage. However after this all started I noticed AMD has a CPU that falls under the X6 XXXT with lower wattage I had moved up from 200W to a 400W power pack no change?
  4. The wattage rating of the CPU is a much greater concerned for the motherboard than the CPU, the motherboard has VRMs that take the 12V from the power supply and supply the processor with the correct voltage, if you try to get them to supply more than they can they will burn out, which is why motherboard BIOS has restrictions on the power levels of the CPUs they can support, so the board wont try to boot and power something that will hurt it.

    I find it highly unlikely that you will be able to run more than an Athlon II X4 or a Phenom II X3 on that board, an X6 is simply too large a leap HP wouldnt have included it in BIOS.
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