Upgrade from a Socket-775 motherboard?

Hey there everyone,

I built my current machine on a budget in 2009. The technology in it is still good, it is just getting passed (i.e. it cannot run Black Ops :S). The specifications are as follows:

ASUS P5QL-EPU socket LGA-775
Intel E6300 Dual Core @ 2.8GHz
Nvidea 9600GT 1GB
2 x 500GB 7200RPM SATA
I have forgotten the power of my power supply...

I plan to upgrade the graphics card to an ATI 5850 or 6870, providing I can get them cheap enough - under $200. I also was planning to upgrade the CPU to a "Core 2 Quad" of some descripton but that is where I ask the question:

Do I need to upgrade my motherboard to accommodate a better set of CPUs? I am willing to consider anything (1156, 1366 or AMD series motherboards) provided they too match my budget. ($500 for motherboard, CPU and at least 4GB RAM).

Check this place out:
www.msy.com.au (browsable userfriendly website)
www.msy.com.au/Parts/PARTS.pdf (full pricelist)

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  1. - I like the motherboard. Gigabyte always has good tech, though I wonder if I should consider a motherboard with USB3 technology...?
    - I think I would prefer to buy the second, more powerful of the two processors even if it becomes necessary to buy a bigger PSU (they don't cost too much). It says "OEM" so I do not know if they will sell it retail.
    - The RAM looks fine.

    Total without Shipping: $326


    From MSY (www.msy.com.au/Parts/PARTS.pdf)
    - G-B 880GM-USB3* $99
    - AMD AM3 x4 965 $166
    - 4G Kit ddr3 G.Skill-Ripjaws 1333 $57
    - SHAW Gaming Viper 1000W $37

    Total: $359 ($322 without PSU)
    MSY is a pick-up store so no shipping cost.
    *This mobo does not support CrossFire technology.

    Also, they have an ATI Radeon 6850 for $198 which I may (will probably) get. It is either that or the 5850 though you and many others suggest the 6xxx series is better (apparently better tessellation, Dx11, 3D) so my decision has been made for me.
  2. I lolled when I read the Britney Spears joke (though I doubt she could even make that...)
    But I do not know what you are trying to suggest here. You have given me a list of various items from megabuy with multiples from the same category. (i.e. 2 PSUs). Can you explain why you have done this or offer an opinion on my options?

  3. What resolution are you trying to run at?
  4. All those are fine, pick whatever you like or fits your budget. I would get the Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H ($128.84). X4 955. The Antec 520W is fine and cheaper but doesn't come with a power cable. And a HD 6850.
  5. Again, I would prefer to get my items from MSY (www.msy.com.au) because their prices are lower and I do not have to pay shipping. You can browse their stock by category here:
    or see their full inventory here:

    This is what I posted previously
    - G-B 880GM-USB3* $99
    - AMD AM3 x4 965 $166
    - 4G Kit ddr3 G.Skill-Ripjaws 1333 $57
    - SHAW Gaming Viper 1000W $37

    What does the GA-880GA-UD3H have over the 880GA-USB3?
    Why get the x4 955 when you can get a x4 965
    The SHAW stuff looks dangerously cheap but do I get it anyway to suit my budget?
    What is the difference between the 5850, 6850 and 6870? (post will be made in GPU forum too).

    @ Mascara: I am looking at running at Full HD 1920x1080 via DVI or HDMI (I have my own adapters if the card does not have the ports I want)

  6. Well if the 955 is cheaper then it is the better choice. The 955 is just a lower clocked 965 and the 955 will be easy to OC even with the stock heatsink to the 965's clocks. The 5850, 6850, and 6870 goes like this. 6850<5850<6870. If you can get a voltage unlocked 5850 for cheap, go with that. They can OC to a 5870's level easily if your into that. 6870<5870. If you don't OC the best choice is the 6870. The 6850 is just not suited for your res. That's a pretty hardcore res, lots of cards struggle at that resolution. The 6870 or 5870 either one would be a good choice.
  7. Don't guy that PSU. 1000W for $37? That's a joke. I listed 3 cheaper good PSUs from there.
  8. I never over-clock. For one thing, I do not understand it and for another, I do not trust it. What ever I do will - at least for several months - run at standard clock rates. That means CPUs, GPUs or any other item. So are you saying I should get a AMD 955 and 5850?

    @Mosox, I have just done my homework and I and I agree that SHAW is a piece of junk. Apparently their "1000W" are more like 250W and their 1200 are 300W. That, and they are very "fragile" (break very easily under load).
    I think I will stick with my current PSU - I think it is at least 500W but I will have to check next time I am at home (I am interstate ATM)

    I am thinking that I will still get the X4 965 and stretch my budget to accommodate the 6870. Without the PSU, it comes to $590, barely fitting my budget of $600.
  9. Well the reason being the 965 isn't a 965. It isn't a separate chip design. The 965 is just a higher clocked 955. You could easily OC. It isn't even dangerous at all especially since if you don't change the voltages (which you won't have to) the life of CPU (I'm 99% sure) stays the same. 3.2-3.4 isn't a big jump. My 955 can get to 3.6 w/ no voltage change. Which is where it is running at now. The 6870 is good since your not going to be OCing. If you did OC the 5850 would be your best bet since it can get to the performance of a 5870. But, you don't. So the 6870.
  10. Hmm. ok. I will then go for the 955 and follow an OC guide :)
  11. Nice! That's your best bet!
  12. After reconsideration this is my pricelist:
    - G-B 880GM-USB3* $99
    - AMD AM3 x4 965 $148
    - 4G Kit ddr3 G.Skill-Ripjaws 1333 $57
    - ATI Radeon 6870 1GB $260
    (No PSU)
    - Total: $573AUD

    That fits my budget of $600 very nicely and it lets me get the 6870 :)
  13. To answer your original question, your motherboard CAN support all the Core 2 Quads. The best of those (q9550, q9650, etc.) are still going to outperform any AMD quad-core. Although it won't save you very much money and you'll still be on LGA775.

    Personally, I wouldn't buy AM3 right now, because it's also going to dead-end soon. The next generation of AMD CPUs is going to take AM3+ and won't run on AM3 motherboards.

    Basically, I would either replace just the CPU with a q9550, or wait six months and upgrade the whole system to AMD. Your call.
  14. Looks good. That's a mATX mobo though.
  15. wait amd has confirmed that am3 won't work on am3+?
  16. am3 CPUs will work on am3+ mobos, am3+ CPUs will not work on AM3 mobos. On a AM3 mobo you can go as high as the Phenom II X6 1100T as of now.
  17. I apologise but I am confused and cannot follow.

    First I have been told in my other posts in other categories (Laptop and CPUs) that I should refrain from buying a laptop until the new Sandy Bridge architecture comes out.
    Now I am being told not to upgrade my desktop until AM3+ comes out.

    Here is the truth. Technology is always advancing; there will always be something new coming out that will reset the benchmarks and lower the prices of current stuff. e.g. even if I wait for the AM3+ there will be something else announced shortly after that as well.

    What I am saying is that one must get into the market at some stage. I know my budget but you guys know the equipment and therefor the time during when to get in.

    Please relay that to me.

  18. Within your budget ($600) you can't get a good Sandy Bridge quad AND a fast video card, only a much weaker one. And the video card is the one that matters in gaming. Get the AM3.
  19. Still I'm not getting it... They confirmed this? AM2+ works with AM3 has more pins. I expect AM3 to have more pins and AM3+ to have less pins...

    If you have an article then sure. But I don't think we can assume AM3+ isn't going to work on AM3.
  20. aznshinobi said:
    Still I'm not getting it... They confirmed this? AM2+ works with AM3 has more pins. I expect AM3 to have more pins and AM3+ to have less pins...

    If you have an article then sure. But I don't think we can assume AM3+ isn't going to work on AM3.

    They confirmed it a few months ago:


    Honestly, I think now is not a great time to get into the market for a CPU/mobo. Besides AM3 getting dead-ended, I believe Intel is switching from LGA1156 and LGA1366 to a whole clusterf**k of new sockets (LGA1155, LGA1356, and LGA2011 -- and no, despite two models having almost exactly the same number of pins as current sockets, they're not going to be compatible). Usually, I'd say the "something new's always coming out" argument is correct. But right now it looks like a real tipping point is coming up in the first half of this year.
  21. capt_taco said:
    Honestly, I think now is not a great time to get into the market for a CPU/mobo

    If this is so, then when should I get into the market, what should I be looking at getting and how much will it cost me?

    Until then, I will just stick with buying an ATI 6870 and overclocking my 2.8GHz dual core to at least a 3.0GHz.
  22. Sure, that's the best option, wait a little more.
  23. sounds like a plan think about scorpius that's an am3+ chip to be reckoned with.according to amd it'll perform at the I7s level
  24. You cant just say "it will perform at the i7's level" because there are heaps of different current i7 cpus and there will be more 2nd gen i7s when the sandy-bridge stuff becomes available.

    Again, I push the point that I am in australia and it takes forever for everything to get here. From toys to tech it seems to be the last place to get it.
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