Ga-p55a-ud3 i3 550 reboot loop

I have been happily using my previous build with ga-p55a-ud3 and i5 750, 8GB of ram for a year. I have recently moved and after the move the machine starting acting up with Machine check problems a few minutes after booting up into OS (any os really).

The error occurs usually within a few minutes after boot up.

Steps I have done:

1. software - windows 7, mac os, linux + linux live cd - the same error
memtest - no problem at all, every single test passed

2. GPUs tested: nvidia 9400GT, ati 6870 (two identical cards tried one-by-one) with both PCIe slots

I thought it may be the CPU kicking it as I have been using it with stock cooler for 9 months running around 75C, so I have purchased new i3-550

That's where the fun starts - after replacing the CPU the system does not boot up! It still does when I put the i5 back in, but with the i3-550 I do not even get a beep - I am stuck in a reboot loop (every 6s), nothing on a screen and no beeping, removing RAM does not have any effect on the behaviour. I have tried the latest bios as well as some older versions supporting the i3.

What could be the problem? Is it the motherboard then? I would like to avoid buying every single component until I find the problem.

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  1. put i5 back and update your bios, and the replace it by i3
  2. Already done that, tried multiple versions supporting the i3
  3. I believe it is a motherboard issue now - also tried swapping the PSU and the result was the same.
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