I brought advent centurion CI 5431 about 3 days ago but i am having problems with it allready..
First issue: Some times my screen freezes for about 5 second and black screen comes up,after black screen screen comes back again and it says "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" My graphic car but still no changes...I want to know what the problem is and ways to fix it...If something is worng with hardware im gonna send it back to pcworld..

Secon isssue:Some times PC freezes and it doesn't get normal whatever i do,I have to close the PC and open it again to get it normal.is this equivalent to first issue?(i think it is)

NOTE: i connect my pc to tv via HDMI cable.(Samsun SyncMaster 933HD)

What can i do to solve these problems or do you think machine faulty and i should send it to PCWorld to get it checked??


Windows -64
i5-750 Processor 2.6 Ghz
4 GB Ram
ATI HD 5750
MOTHERBOARD-Foxconn P55A series
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  1. Uninstall the video card drivers (Control Panel/add remove programs), reboot, run this
    and clean all that's ATI in there then go to the ATI/AMD site download the latest drivers and try with those.
  2. When it goes black screen, do you have some vertical lines along with it? If so, I'd get the video card replaced while it's under warranty. This is often a sign of the vrm's overheating, meaning the cooling solution may be faulty.
  3. @mosox: i will try,thanks

    @bystander: no i dont get any lines or anything its just a blank black page..

    Do you guys think second issue is equivalent to first one ?
  4. anyone ??? :((
  5. Change the drivers.
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