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Hello, I have found some of the answers to my questions by searching the forums but I still have a couple unanswered questions. I built my computer a couple years ago and put 4gb ram in it and would like to upgrade it to at least 8gb and possibly 12gb.



My Ram

So, if I'm going to add two more sticks, either 2x2gb or 2x4gb, Does the new sticks have to be DDR2? 1066 is the speed so I shouldnt get anything slower or it will drop as well? Do I have to stay with PC2 8500 or can this change? I found more ram that matches all the specs of my original ram but could only find it in 2x1gb or 2x2gb. I was thinking about adding 2x4gb but I wonder if it is possible or if I have to match the original specs completely.

Can I add this pair of memory to my system and it would just slow the speed to 1066? Great deal. Or for this price I could order two pair and change the ram completely in my system or can my mobo not handle this ram?


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  1. you cannot put ddr3 memory on your board it's using ddr2 only,
  2. Ok, so as far as DDR2 goes, this is the best that it gets?

    I think this is the best match because it requires the same voltage as my existing memory but the timing is different. The timing for this ram is 5-5-5-15 and my existing memory is 5-5-5-18. With my mobo is this as good as it gets for ram? My mobo is suppose to handle up to 16gb but how can I reach that if I can only get it in 2gb sticks?


  3. the hyperx should be fine,you wont realy use the 16 gig ,my own rig only use 4 gig with win 7x64,
  4. You have to use DDR2 ram. I'm in the same spot. Lucky for me I use AMD AM3 cpu and can upgrade my mobo to a DDR3 standard.
  5. I'm running Vista 64bit and would probably never get to 16gb, I was just surprised that it is not possible with the memory available for purchase. I'm editing and processing a lot of video. 4 boys playing football, baseball, wrestling and have movie files from MOV to MTS to AVCHD = slow processing. I'm hoping upgrading from 4gb of memory to 8gb will show a difference in processing speed or perhaps help me to multi task while editing video. Thanks for the info.

    What about the timing settings? set each slot correctly according to the ram that is installed and although they are different setttings, they will run correctly?
  6. the bios should ajust them but it will not be faster even with 8 gig look at all the pecs of the other components to find why,i use this for video editing and it's free
  7. Why would it not be faster? I was editing video last night with multiavchd and my physical memory was being used at 62% and computer was sluggish if I tried clicking on other programs at the same time. My understanding was that more memory would smooth out running multiple programs at the same time. I checked out that program and may start to use it to figure out which I like best. I just started using Multiavchd and it seems to do everything I need.

  8. Video editing is more CPU intensive than memory intensive.
  9. What should I look at to decide if I need to upgrade my memory? I thought it would make running multiple programs at the same time a little smoother. I was thinking it would make things a little more crisp but if I'm not going to be able to tell the difference I would much rather invest the money into a new gaming case.
  10. If you're only using 62% as you've stated, more RAM will not help much, if any. Watch your CPU levels while editing, they're probably maxed out.
  11. I was doing some editing last night and my CPU got to 40% but my memory went to 95% so I'm going to get some more ram, just wish there were more options for DDR2.
  12. what is the size of your cache memory
  13. Is that the page file? It is around 4900 but it grew in size as the physical memory reached into the 90's. I was thinking about increasing it but have not done so yet.
  14. put the settings to let windows decide what he need then look at the result
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