New Ram Need Help!

Hello all. I am upgrading my PC that I built about 2 years ago an I just got the:

Product Code: F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL

Anyways, I have an

AMD M4A79T Deluxe Motherboard

Phenom X4 955 3.2-3.3ghz CPU

850 W Corsair Powersupply

I have installed the ram and it doesn't seem to run at the specified 1866mhz. I did some research and it seems most or all AMD motherboards dont display over 1600 and thats what it is currently set to. I found a post by a G.Skill employee who posted on another persons threadh with a similiar setup to mine and he said:

You should use the DDR3-1600 multiplier instead, which is x8.00

Set CPU Host (bus) frequency to 233

233 x 8 = DDR3-1864

Set CPU Frequency to desired ratio; 15X should put you around 3.50GHz, 14X puts you around 3.26GHz

Set CPU-NB Frequency to 2796MHz

Set CPU-NB Voltage to 1.20V

Set DRAM Voltage to 1.50V

Set timings to tCL 9 - tRCD 10 - tRP 9 - tRAS 24

F10, save, exit, enjoy, then come back to tell us how well it went.

I tried this and every time my computer will not boot and instead it says Overclocking fail and I must reset to defaults. I am curious as to what I can do to make this run at the specified speeds.

Also I am curious as to where I can get this memtest that everyone talks about that tests ram and also what a good program would be to monitor CPU/Vidcard/memory temps. Thanks!
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  1. Thanks for the links! Very helpful. Now I just need to figure out how to get this ram at right settings! :D
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