No picture with new computer.


I’ve bought the following for a new computer

MB: Asus p7h55-m
CPU: i5-760 2.8 ghz
Ram: kingston 4gb ddr3-1600 (2x2)
GPU: Asus ENGTS450.
HD: Seagate 1 TB
PSU: 550w

When I start it up I can’t get anything on my screen. Do the parts fit together or have I bought the wrong parts. When I start it up without the memory, it beeps like this: long, short, short. And with the memory: long, short, short, short.

Hope somebody can help me!
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  1. remove power to PSU, ensure video card is FULLY seated and has aux power input connected, drop to a single stick of mem in required slot, reset BIOS, disconnect hard drive ribbons/molexes, SATA power...
  2. I tried what you suggested but there's still nothing on the screen. It stopped the beeps though.
  3. Just to cover all the bases, is the video cable plugged into the GPU and is the monitor on?
  4. I changed from vga cable to dvi and then I only put in one of the two atx12v cables in so I only got 4 pins insted of eight. It seems like the other 4 pin is if I wanted to use the onboard graphic.
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