Anyone know of a water block for the Radeon HD 6850

Trying to build my gaming rig and of course with water cooling, only thing is i hit a snag........

So im looking at the Swiftech cooling products for my cooling:
Swiftech MCP655 12 VDC Pump Liquid Cooling System
Swiftech MCR420-QP Quadruple 120mm radiator
Swiftech APOGEE-XT Extreme Performance CPU Waterblock

Does anyone know of a compatible water block for this GPU or a Swiftech one that I just can't find or am looking over?
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  1. Not again :) Some just asked that question a few days ago.
    You have to wait and watch and check temps, it's too soon for any company to come up with a water block for these cards......
    And if they don't heat up that much, you can forget any company will come out with a waterblock for it......

    With the 69XX series so close to come out, I doubt you'll get a waterblock for these cards, it's going to be like my HD5750's, the cards never heated up beyond a limit and weren't that high in specs so they never came out with a waterblock for them.
  2. Why exactly would you spend on water cooling for a 6850? You could have spent that $60+ dollars for the cooling system on simply buying a card thats strong than any OC you'll ever get with the 6850....(6870).

    Unfortunately i think alyoshka is right about water blocks for this card....not likely.
  3. OK rich boys, you forget that some of us like to nuke our cards and live in hot climates. Try doing 900mhz when it is 40c+ outside and the A/C kicks the bucket.
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