Computer restarts with resolution Change/Native resolution not availab

Hi. I have a Nvidia Geforce 460 gtx and whenever i attempt to change my resolution to somthing over 1024 x 768 My computer restarts... the Native Resolution of my monitor is 1680 x 1050 and for some reason it doesn't even show as an option.

This all started about a week or two ago after a windows update.. At first it was just a resolution problem. so after messing with it for a while I uninstalling drivers and running drive sweeper to No avail.. I then checked my memory and my psu Nothing wrong there I then decided to Roll it back before the update to see if it did anything after messing with it for 2 days I decided to try a reformat. After the reformat I reinstalled the 260.99 wql drivers and that is when the problems got worse.. I started getting vertical lines on my screen after windows loaded .. After going through a few troubleshooting steps with Evga They set me up with an RMA.. Anyway.. got the card tonight and the vertical lines are gone but the resolution is still messed up and if i try to use Nvida contol panel to change the resolution my PC restarts.. At this point im thinking the monitor..

My System specs are

Intel I7 920 (stock)
Asrock x58 extreme
Corsair xms3 1600
EVGA geforce 460
AOC 22 inch 22lvwk
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  1. Update:

    My Computer is now Restarting After the windows 7 login screen Every time
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