Can't start up

I have Windows XP service pack 3.
My antivirus is Kaspersky PURE. Soo one day i was surfing the net for an hour and i sow my AV is off. I turn it off it detects and virus and trys to delete it. It restarted my computer and after that When the loading screen finishes it just restarts again.

Any help?
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  1. Do a repair install of windows at minimum. It looks like your windows installation got damaged, a clean install would for sure fix the problem.
  2. Is there anything else that i can do without actually reinstall windows. I have old floppy's not even sure if they will work.
  3. Have you tried booting in safe mode F8 at startup?
  4. I tried everything
    im working on it. I don't like the places where people say reinstall windows or do repair install when that is not necessary.
    Please close topic.
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